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5 Seconds of Summer – Take My Hand | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

“Take My Hand” is a brand new single by 5 Seconds of Summer from their upcoming 2022 album, yet to be titled. The song dives into the transcending journey the group has had throughout the years and what it has given them and taken from them.

“Take My Hand” follows the lead single “Complete Mess” from the upcoming fifth studio album by 5 Seconds of Summer. Luke Hemmings wrote the entire song as per the song credits.

5SOS took to Twitter to talk about their new single and thank the fans;

Thank you for your love on #TakeMyHand. This one feels like the heart of us. Here’s to all of you, who helped us become who we are. We can’t wait to see you 🖤

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5SOS “Take My Hand” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

In the first verse of the song, 5SOS explores the effects of their journey so far.

I feel my ego when I talk
Lost myself in the in-between

5SOS has accomplished some great feet for a group from Australia. They should be egoistic. The entire journey must have felt surreal – a bliss of their wildest imagination. It is easy to get lost in this realm. A lot of artists have. But 5SOS are consistently humbled by the cavalry that follows them – their fans.

A few more souls on the bus now

5SOS has often referred to their fandom as a ‘bus.’ They are telling that they were able to pick up a few hundred thousand passengers along the way. They are a proud bus full now.

Take my hand, now and forever

5 Seconds of Summer invites the whole bus to hold on to their hands. The fans provide the group a purpose and the group gives the fans a family. It is a two-way street.

In the two pre-choruses of the song, 5SOS says that they shut their eyes at seventeen and when they opened them back they were twenty-three. This might be a reference to the pace at which their musical career advanced – a blink of an eye.

5SOS released their self-titled debut studio album in June 2014, when Luke Hemmings was just 17-years-old. The group released their fourth studio album, ‘Calm’ in March 2020, when Luke Hemmings was 23-years-old.

Although four studio albums and world tours flew by, the members do realize that they have grown through the whole process as well. They are not the same kids who sang in Australia anymore. They are a global affair now.

Pick apart all of the pieces
While I’m running out of time

5SOS understands the fickle nature of time. Four studio albums went passing by and they are adults now. Have they got what they set out for? Or are they still searching for it? They do realize that this is not a forever deal. Time always runs out – it is only a matter of time!

You fall apart and redefine
What keeps you up at night

The thing that keeps you up at night is what shapes your reality. What you crave the most, will define who you are. This might need some deconstructing of yourself and reconstructing, but it will be worth it in the end. But you also have to be careful of what you wish for.

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