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Morgan Wallen – Don’t Think Jesus | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

“Don’t Think Jesus” is not your average Christian song. The song is narrated from the third person – someone looking at a musical star being made and like most of them do, he treads down the wrong path in life. But at the end of the song, the narrator realizes that the subject he was narrating is himself, all along. This is the spin on the latest song by Morgan Wallen.

“Don’t Think Jesus” will be a part of Morgan Wallen’s upcoming third studio album, and was released on April 15, 2022, after being teased as far back as October 2021. The singer revealed that a couple of friends wrote this song for him and it made him cry the first time he listened to it;

“Some of my friends sent me a song today, I was on the way back home from playing a little golf… They wrote this song with me in on their mind and made me cry in the truck. So, I figured I’d test it out on y’all and see if y’all have a similar reaction. I just learned it a few minutes ago. So hopefully I get it right.”

The songwriting credits include Chase McGill, Jessi Alexander, and Mark Holman.

Listen to “Don’t Think Jesus” by Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen “Don’t Think Jesus” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

The song contains several multitudes. In one context the phrase ‘don’t think Jesus’ acts as a reminder that Jesus would not condone some sort of behavior. In another light, the same phrase tells us that Jesus does not turn back on anyone who follows such behavior. He is always there to give anyone a second chance! On a third iteration of the phrase, it questions how would Jesus would feel about the views of some Christians who are determined to interpret the religion as they see fit. ‘Love’ is open to interpretation and no one can say otherwise.

Verse 1

In the first verse of the song, Morgan Wallen looks upon a young and budding artist performing at a small club in his hometown. He is killing it singing about whiskey, women, and getting stoned. These themes sit right with the laid-back town crew.

He got all three at the first show he played
Hometown said, “I don’t think Jesus done it that way”

The young artist is so successful that he gets to experience all three of his wishes at his first show. He gets drunk, high on weeds, and goes home with a couple of women. The hometown crowd appreciates his lyrics, but not his actions. Frown-eyed, they murmur that Jesus would not have condoned such behavior.

The boy moves on to a bigger city and becomes successful there, too. The devil is easy to find in these parts of the town, and this boy makes no attempt to hide from it.


The second alteration of the song title kicks in the hook of the song. In these lyrics, the singer tries to put on his Jesus-glasses. If he was Jesus, would he give this young artist, who is ticking off all the wrong checkmarks in life, a second chance? Would he open the gates of heaven for this misguided teen? He cannot imagine he would do so. But he also knows that Jesus does not act like that. God and Jesus have nothing but love and sympathy for us mortals.

Verse 2

The inevitable fate has caught up to this young artist. He has seen it all and done it all and his karma catches up to him. When the dust settles and the spotlight goes off, he realizes that he has nobody by his side – not his fans nor his friends. When you have nobody else in the world, you turn to the skies above. You start reaching to a person that only exists in your own heart. When you reach for help, with genuine intent, you yourself bring in the help you want. God and Jesus exist within you. Reach inside, not out, and you will always find help.

He said, “I wish You would’ve woke me up an easier way”
But I don’t think Jesus does it that way

The young artist wishes that Jesus helped him earlier in his career. But Jesus does not work that way. Higher powers don’t correct your ways along the way as they have shown us the righteous path beforehand. But they will be there to help you when you lose your way and learn your lesson.

Although the song talks about a random boy a the subject of the song, the story is very commonplace among many artists. The entertainment industry is filled with demons in every corner and this has been admitted by many artists all throughout the history of music. Some artists have paid the price of fame with their lives.


The outro of the song take a new spin at the term ‘Don’t Think Jesus.’

World likes to rear back and throw a few stones
So boy wants to throw a few stones of his own

Morgan Wallen is talking about everyone who takes up arms against whoever that does not sit within their narrative of the world. Some people think the world should operate in a certain way and ‘norms’ are forever. However, everything evolves and religion has to, as well.

Nobody is perfect in other’s point of view. This does not give the right for everyone to judge or shame or ‘cancel’ anybody. Would Jesus have done this? Don’t think so.

What do you think about this song and it’s message to the modern world? Let us hear in the comments below. Check out the complete lyrics on Genius.

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