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All the Crypto References in “Crypto Boy” TikTok Song | Lyrics

Cryptocurrency has had its own reputation ever since Bitcoin came into revolutionizing finance systems as we know. Blockchains, decentralization, tokens, coins, altcoins, NFTs, and a whole lot of new words have come into existence since cryptocurrencies came into mainstream popularity.

Cryptocurrencies have had their ups and downs–with a notorious reputation for wild swings in prices which makes and breaks millionaires. There are many people who have lost their life savings in the crypto space and some others earning life-changing money at the same time.

The “Crypto Boy” song has been making rounds on the internet recently. There aren’t many records of how this song came to be. But it could very well be the collective effort of several artists on TikTok.

American singer/songwriter Sam Ilese sang the chorus of the song as part of an ‘open verse challenge’ where she creates a hook around a keyword proposed to her by her fans. Other artists in this video have added their own lyrics on top, thus creating a beautiful and hilarious work of art.

The lyrics to the song start with female singers complaining about their crypto addict boyfriends. These boyfriends spend endless hours scouring the internet to find the next big thing in crypto. The ladies are getting frustrated. The male artists on the song try to defend their love for cryptos and NFTs saying that their girlfriends’ singing careers on Tiktok are not going anywhere either!

The singers appearing in this video in order are; @salemilese, @imsadalex, @heygoodproblem, @koofidonjon, and @julytheginny.

Listen to “Crypto Boy” Tiktok Song by Various Artists

All the Cryptocurrency References from “Crypto Boy” Song Explained

Below is a collection of all the cryptocurrency and cultural references surrounding this space in the song explained.

  • NFT – Non-Fungible Tokens – a digital artwork that can be bought and sold with traceability back to the original creator thus certifying its authenticity.
    Sam Ilese cleverly expands NFT to “Not F*cking Tonight” to voice her frustration with her boyfriend’s constant jabber about these digital arts.
  • aiming for the moon – a popular phrase in cryptocurrency trading when a coin price increases rapidly.
  • one bit, coin – a reference to the godfather of all crypto currencies; Bitcoin.
  • CEO of being unemployed’ – many teenagers are seen moving to crypto trading believing it is the path to easy money and unimaginable riches. Some even quit their 9-5 to get into full-time crypto and NFT trading.
  • private key – cryptocurrencies are usually held in a wallet that is secured by a private key. Lose the private key, and lose all your crypto net worth.
  • metamask – one of the most popular cryptocurrency wallets.
  • open sea – possibly the largest NFT marketplace on the internet.
  • “so long” sounds like ‘Solana’ – Solana is another popular cryptocurrency blockchain that recently become very famous for its NFT markets.
  • web3 – an idea for a new iteration of the World Wide Web which revolves around concepts such as decentralization and token-based economics.
  • portfolio – a collection of crypto investments.
  • Ethereum – the second largest and most popular cryptocurrency blockchain after Bitcoin.
  • Shiba Inu – a meme coin that soared to popularity in early 2022, and created a few millionaires at its peak.
  • Robin Hodd – a popular stock/crypto trading platform based in the USA. Was a key actor in the GME and AMC stock gamification and Shiba Inu’s popularity.
  • dips – prices going down or crashing of cryptocurrencies.

All these crypto references are seamlessly put together to out each other’s frustrations surrounding the people involved in cryptocurrencies.

Let us hear if you can relate to these boyfriend/girlfriend struggles with cryptocurrencies and NFTs coming in between you and your partner.

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