drake honestly, nevermind album review

The only thing right about Drake’s new album is its title ‘Honestly, Nevermind’ (Review)

I’m not the biggest Drake fan. But this does not discount the fact that he is one of the biggest-selling artists of our time. It also does not discount me from acknowledging that he used to be a much better artist 10 years ago.

Drake released his seventh studio album ‘Honestly, Nevermind’ on June 17, 2022. I was not going to write ‘lyrics analysis’ one each track on the album anyway, but I will settle for one full album review article.

Maybe, Drake foresaw the public reaction to this album before it was released and opted to title the album ‘Honestly, Nevermind.’

Summary of the tracks–there are two good songs “Sticky” and “Jimmy Cooks” featuring 21 Savage. Drake actually has something to say in these two tracks. That’s 2 out of a 14-track album.

From songs 1 through 5, it feels as if Drake continued to sing for like 30 minutes about how he is betrayed in love and is begging for love over the same beat and chopped it into 5 parts and presented them as 5 different songs.

Song #6 “Sticky” actually has substance and has a few good bars in it. This song gives hope and oxygen to click on to the 7th song.

And we are back at moping and crying about some lost love.

Let me bring you some lyrics from songs 1 through 7.

I see us fadin’ away
I’m still holdin’ my breath for the day that you will
See that the effort I make is too real

Drake – Falling Back

If I come around you, can I be myself?
Wind up in the mirror just to see yourself

Drake – Texts Go Green

In your own time
Would you show me something please, babe?

Drake – Current

Okay, okay
Okay, okay
I found a new muse
That’s bad news for you
Why would I keep you around?

Drake – A Keeper

I’ve been alone in my thoughts
Can’t fill this void between us
I cannot stand losin’ you, woah, woah

Drake – Massive

I know it’s getting late
And I’m struggling to let go

Drake – Flight’s Booked

Hold the line, we ain’t done
Don’t give up this divine bond between us

Drake – Overdrive

See a common theme? A heartbroken little kid wallowing about a love he is never going to find? Nope. This is a 35-year-old man.

Baby, I think it might be too late, we’re too far gone

Drake – Down Hill

Oh, baby, I’m feelin’ all sort of things
I never wanna see you ever leave

Drake – Tie That Binds

If we try to keep the wallowing theme aside, Drake still falls behind on delivery. The album feels like a collection of tracks scrapped from his previous project ‘Certified Lover Boy.’ This album dropped less than a year ago.

The one good thing about the album is that Drake did try out some different music for ‘Honestly, Nevermind.’ One can even call this ‘experimental’ music by looking at his discography. Did it work? Probably not.

In “Massive” song, it almost feels as if Drake is reading a novel over a disco track. All hail for autotune for making it somewhat on beat.

Where is the Drake who brought us “God’s Plan”? That wasn’t even too long ago. Where’s the Drake who was featured on Jack Harlow’s “Churchill Downs”? That was like a month ago.

What happened to the Drake who delivered a flawless verse on “Forever” right by the side of Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Eminem?

‘Honestly, Nevermind’ feels like a filler album that was released to fill no real space! It wasn’t needed in the first place and nothing changed since it was released.

This article is not even about hating Drake. It is just disappointing!

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