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Lizzo – About Damn Time | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

Can we already crown Lizzo as the queen of feel-good songs of the modern era? “About Damn Time” is the lead single from Lizzo’s 2022 album titled ‘Special.’ The disco-pop track talks about breaking free from the stresses and shackles of life and making a conscious effort to feel good about yourself.

Lizzo released her fourth studio album ‘Special’ on July 15, 2022. Lizzo has long been subject to online hate and ridicule for her image, which has often caused her a lot of mental struggles during her career. So, this album is about love–not just giving, but also to yourself; “These are songs about love…I really believe that love for oneself and for others is what this world needs to be a better place.”

“About Damn Time” goes into detail about how Lizzo has been a point of online hate, especially during the last few years. It takes a lot to find the courage to get back on the mic and live again from this. But, this song is Lizzo’s triumphant return to the stage, where she belongs. At the end of everything–she’s going to be okay and everything will be alright.

“About Damn Time” spent 16 weeks at the number 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, only to get dethroned by “Break My Soul” by Beyonce.

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Lizzo “About Damn Time” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Verse 1

The first two lines of the song stop all the haters. Lizzo calls herself a bad b*tch and that it’s time to air some thoughts. The time right now is “thick-thirty” as opposed to six-thirty. Lizzo has been the point of online ridicule for her physique. But once you wear your weaknesses as your armor, no one can use those against you ever (Game of Thrones).

Lizzo announces that she is about to out some feelings she has been bottling in. But this song is not only about her. She wants all of us to get involved as well. How are you feeling today?!


Oh, I been so down and under pressure
I’m way too fine to be this stressed, yeah

Lizzo says that she has been feeling down and under pressure for some time now. With rising fame, these pricks only get pointier and harder to ignore. On top of tackling a booming professional career and maintaining label expectations, she also had to face the critics of the Internet.

Lizzo realizes that she is too good to be pressured down and feeling bad about herself. Lizzo has a voice made for funk/jazz music and she is a really good singer. She shouldn’t even have to deal with random typists on the Internet.


Turn up the music, turn down the lights
I got a feelin’ I’m gon’ be alright

Lizzo sets the mood for the song–lights dimmed and the music cranked up. And lost in her own music, she feels alright. She feels like she is going to make it through all the stresses and pressures and critics of the world. And so should you.

Verse 2

The second verse kicks off with Lizzo saying that she needs a man or a woman tonight to elevate her mood. Lizzo has spoken about her preference for both men and women as her partners as she does not see gender as a barrier to love.

In the next two lines, Lizzo says that she has her luxurious Balenciaga bag on her to add some extra flavor to her mood.

Watch Lizzo Perform “About Damn Time” Live at BET Awards 2022

One extra shot of alcohol in her drink to elevate her mood to the next level.

So, Lizzo’s mixture for feeling good right now is a partner, her Balenciaga bag, and her drink. We kind of feel her happiness and mood did not depend on external things, but we get the gist.

In the bridge of the song, Lizzo screams that she is “coming out tonight.” This could be a reference to the fact that she is outing her feelings with this song, It could also be a hint that she is an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community being queer herself. It could also hint at the fact that her new album is coming out soon, “About Damn Time” being the lead single of this album.

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