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Charlie Puth – I Don’t Think I Like Her | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

Finding the ‘one’ is always a struggle. Sometimes we just have to go through a series of bad apples or even bad circumstances to get to the good one. This is the same ride Charlie Puth is going through in his new song “I Don’t Think I Like Her.” Let’s look at his journey to find true love.

“I Don’t Think I Like Her” is the fifth single from Charlie Puth’s third studio album ‘Charlie.’ The initial teaser for the song dated back as far as July 2021 and showed Travis Barker playing drums on the track. In December, Charlie posted a snippet of the song to his TikTok account that amassed over 5 million views in less than 24 hours. The song is produced by Charlie, himself.

In the song, Charlie Puth goes through a rollercoaster ride of relationships. Just when he thinks he has found someone to settle down with, something or the other seems to fall apart. Then he goes on the rebound, which is supposed to be a rebound. But this girl is pretty cute, so he wants to see if there’s something to it. But, of course, this ends up in disappointment, too. Is it him? Is it the girls? Or is he just not meant to settle down?

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Charlie Puth “I Don’t Think I Like Her” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

In the first verse of the song, the story begins, again. He meets a cute girl, talks her up, and gets her number. They connect and things are looking good. They have quite a bit in common–this is usually the first thing to be explored in any new relationship. You get attracted to the looks and you get attached to the traits.

Things are moving well and no one really bothers to explore their differences. It never seems like the right time to discuss the differences.

Circumstances lead them to meet each other’s families, too. This is rather a big step. Only a certain set of people make it to this hurdle. It is almost a budding relationship at this point.

If they are not meant to be with each other, the more time they spend together, the more problems arise.

In the pre-chorus, we hear that Charlie Puth is falling in for this girl. She checks out almost all the boxes and that’s all you can expect. ‘Stars aligning’ is a rare thing But for her, things are a bit different. Her priorities lie elsewhere.

So many things need to come together for a relationship to work. They could be the right people for each other but could be a bad time for them to be together. It could also be the right time for the two but the wrong people for each other.

In the chorus of the song, Charlie Puth reels back hard. He has been through so many of these similar circumstances that he is starting to see patterns forming. Is he not meant to find love? Or are girls just not working out for him? Self-doubt is always the first to sink in when you have tried so many times and failed.

In the second verse of the song, Charlie Puth is on the rebound. This is meant to be temporary by design. It is a vehicle to help someone move on. But, she is pretty and cute and enchanting. Charlie stops and stares for a second. Could there be something more here?

But, soon he realizes that there is nothing more there. Even if they push on to create something out of thin air, both will likely end up regretting their decisions. It’s best not to hold on to burning ropes.

Everyone gets tired after some attempts at love and failing. Charlie Puth is no exception. He even goes s far as to believe that girls just want to see him fall apart. This is not true, but this is his mind playing tricks on him.

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