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The 1975 – Oh Caroline | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

“Oh Caroline” is the fifth song on The 1975’s 2022 album ‘Being Funny in a Foreign Language.’ While all Carolines in the world can rejoice, the band had no specific person in mind when they wrote this song. The name ‘Caroline’ has recurred in many songs over the years. It just works.

The 1975 released their fifth studio album ‘Being Funny in a Foreign Language’ on October 14, 2022. This is the band’s follow-up project to their 2022 album ‘Notes on a Conditional Form.’ Band’s frontman, Matt Healy talked about the reinvented approach of the band on this new album; “It was the right time for this album to not just reaffirm, but almost celebrate who we are. It was a self-analysis and then a reinvention.”

Matt Healy of the band, talked about the song and how it was not inspired by any personal events; “The chorus of this song came first—‘Oh Caroline/I wanna get it right this time/’Cos you’re always on my mind’—and it just felt really, really universal. I was like, ‘OK, this doesn’t have to be about me. It doesn’t have to be “I was in Manchester in my skinny jeans.”’ You don’t need to have lived a story to write one. Caroline is whoever you want it to be—you can change that name in your head.”

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The 1975 “Oh Caroline” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

From the first verse of the song, we hear how the singer is completely infatuated with his lover. Caroline seems to have a death grip on him, not by her choice though. He is deep in her rabbit hole.

The song is borderline suicidal. The singer feels as if his bodily organs shutting down when Caroline is not around him. He confesses that he would do anything to keep her in his life.

Is this love?

In the hook of the song, Matt sings that Caroline is always on his mind and it’s like an itch that he cannot reach. The lyrics suggest that the singer is afraid of letting her go for a second time–maybe he was burnt before–whether it was by Caroline or someone else, doesn’t really matter.

In the second verse, the song takes an even deeper turn. We find Matt Healy on his knees and begging her. This is dehumanizing and Matty realizes this. But what is he to do? Caroline holds all the cards. The best he can wish to be is in her heart and she accepts him without condition.

This is love.

In the pre-chorus, Matt reels again; “And I’ve triеd to just be me like a thousand timеs / But you’re on my mind.” Maybe, being an independent man and being happy is not in the cards for him.

In the bridge of the song, Matt Healy says that he could not find another person quite like Caroline. His heartstrings rhyme perfectly with that of Caroline’s. However, this line is also peeling the third wall down. Talking about the song, Matt said that the reason why he picked the name ‘Caroline’ was that it was a three-syllable word and could fit into the rhyming scheme of the song.

Putting your happiness on someone else, to this extent, is a very dangerous thing to do. Everything changes, and the only thing that you can control, somewhat, is how you feel about the things that change around you.

Happiness exists within!

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