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NF – Hope | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

“Hope” is the lead single and title track of Michigan rapper NF’s upcoming 2023 album of the same name. The song marks a significant change in the perspective of the rapper toward his life–a more optimistic attitude. A more hopeful light.

The brand new single, released on February 17, 2023, also ushers in a brand new era and album for Nathan John Feuerstein AKA NF. Album ‘HOPE’ follows NF’s 2019 project ‘The Search,’ in which the rapper was trying to find his way.

In the music video for “Hope,” we find two copies of the singer–a black-clothed NF and a white-clothed version–the classic separation between ‘bad’ and ‘good,’ respectively. In the context of the song, these two versions represent a pessimistic and optimistic singer. The two versions seem to be a constant struggle as the new hopeful singer tries to escape his past.

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NF “Hope” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

In the first part of the song, NF gives us an intro to the song and album. In the lyrics, we hear the singer talking to his past self. The new version of the singer calls out the old version of him. He says the old version was given enough time, 30 years, to prove himself and become successful. The older version was successful to some extent. He built a decent music platform, a fanbase, a family, and a name for himself. But is this it?

But I gave you your chance to deliver
Now it’s my turn
Don’t get me wrong
Nate, you’ve had a great run

The new NF is taking over the reins from now on. It’s time to give people something different. It is time for the new album…HOPE.

In the first verse, NF tries to define what success means for him. According to the singer, a person is successful if they follow their heart and do what they most desire. They are successful if they can stand up for what they believe in when most people tuck their tales between their legs and follow. A person who goes against the grain for a good cause is someone who is successful.

To do this, a person needs to be a man of conviction. They need to realize what is important in life and go at it no matter what. They should be able to take a pay cut just to pursue what they love to do. One should be unfaded by what life throws at them and use failure to fuel motivation. This is a recipe for success.

To summon all these skills, one should cultivate a very important trait within themselves. A person should believe in them when no one else does. And the one thing that makes anyone believe in themselves or anything else is only through ‘hope.’ Where there is no hope, there is no chance of success.

Toward the end of the first verse, NF confesses that he has been holding onto a lot of past baggage which would have slowed his progress in life. The past is done, and while you might have to live through some of the repercussions, there is nothing anyone can do about the past. So, letting go of past trauma is one sure way to cultivate the trait of believing in yourself. Easier said than done, though!

In the second verse of the song, NF bows down to growing pains. It is a necessary evil, he admits. He also confesses that if he had not hit rock bottom, he would not be the same person he is today. A mental breakdown was the push he needed in the right direction. Most people may not be this fortunate. A mental breakdown could be the last thing they want. However, this circles back to the idea of using negativity and failure to your fuel your growth and change.

Holding his son, NF knows that he needs to be the best version of himself for his child and family. NF has been through quite the trauma growing up, with his parents divorcing and being abused by his stepfather. His mother passed away from an overdose in 2009. In this song, he musters all the strength to forgive his mother.

For thirty years (NF is 31 years old in 2023), the singer has gone through life without proper guidance. He was searching for his place in this world as an artist, as a son, as a husband, and as a father. NF uses a dozen words to summarize what his life has been like for the past thirty years–running, hurting, fearful, empty, broken, hopeless, stagnant, anxious, bitter, and the list goes on. These words are the embodiment of baggage and pessimism. Just this attitude would have held the singer back from his true potential.

NF closes the song very strongly. He announces that he is taking over the reins for his life now. He is shedding back all the baggage that was weighing him down. This is a new person.

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