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Hozier – All Things End | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

“All Things End” is one part of the three-part EP Hozier released in 2023. The song takes on a journey of a failing relationship acknowledging the fact that even what seems like ‘forever’ shall come to an end in one way or the other.

Hozier released his three-track EP, also titled ‘Eat Your Young’ on March 17, 2023. The album contains the title track, “Eat Your Young,” “All Things End,” and “Through Me (The Flood).” This is Hozier’s return to music since his 2019 work ‘Wasteland, Baby!”

“All Things End” talks about the impermanence of life and everything around us. Everything is changing everywhere faster than our senses can capture them. So, we continue to live in the bliss that we will have things and people with us forever. The song is not morbid or hopeless at all. It encourages us to live our life to the fullest with the knowledge that anything can happen at any time. This way, when life throws surprises at you, you will not be taken aback.

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Hozier “All Things End” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Hozier tells us his experience of heartbreak. Relationships are all fun and cool while they last. When they come to an end, they scar us–some shallow and others deep. The harder we hold on to someone, the tougher it is to let them go. So, if they so happen to leave us, the deeper it hurts us.

Hozier compares the heartache he endured to a two-tonne weight on his chest. He recalls the last time his partner was on him, they said they tried their best. In a sense, that is all that matters. We cannot know for sure if two people are compatible physically, emotionally, and psychologically without going through this experience. If they do not match, they should have the maturity to walk away. They won’t be the same people walking away from the relationship. Their lives have been forever altered by the other person, even ever so slightly.

The singer admits that there simply cannot be anyone who got through their lives with their hearts intact from pain. Change is painful and change is all around us. Leaving your favorite teacher in the grade below hurts. Seeing your friends leave for different schools hurt. Watching your crush with another person stings. Seeing your parents grow old hurts.

However, none of this means that one needs to live a life of solitude or that of a monk. This does not mean you have to change your plans for life. You still have to get into relationships, get heartbroken, and move on. You still have to watch your parents grow old and hopefully, you will appreciate them a little more now. We have to make plans. These plans will change. We adapt to these changes, revise our plans, and move on.

I know we want this to go easy by being somebody’s fault

Coming back to the failing relationship, Hozier admits that it would have been easy to put the blame on someone else for their relationship to end. Maybe they were interested in someone else while they were dating each other. Maybe it was their friends who poisoned their minds. It would be easier to say someone else is at fault. But, in fact, every failing relationship is the sole responsibility of the two people together.

Life is a journey full of sand castles. Don’t put too much effort into building sand castles as they wash away with the next big wave. Or, to say the least, don’t put too much hope and faith into sand castles.

Let us leave you with a positive note: ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.’ Lemons are bitter and are supposed to represent the misfortunes that life throws at you. But you can, most of the time, turn a negative thing into a positive, like making lemonade.

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