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The Weeknd – Double Fantasy Ft. Future | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

The Weeknd and Future re-unite to bring you another banger about forsaken love. The Weeknd strikes a “Double Fantasy” when he meets this girl who is a pretty face hiding a sexual demon inside. On top of this, he knows that this relationship is mostly physical and they are the envy of the people around them.

“Double Fantasy” releases as part of the soundtrack from the upcoming drama series ‘The Idol,’ created by nonother than The Weeknd himself. The HBO series is set to focus on the life of an upcoming pop idol and her complex relationships. The role is played by Lily-Rose Depp (as Jocelyn) and The Weeknd also plays a role as Tedros in the TV series. The show is set to air in 2023.

In the music video for “Double Fantasy,” we see both Lily-Rose Depp and The Weeknd in their characters for the TV series. From the looks of it, the aspiring pop icon, Jocelyn has a secret life with Tedros, and it’s sizzling hot!

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The Weeknd “Double Fantasy” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

At the jump of the song, we can clearly hear that Abel is thoroughly enjoying the relationship he has with this girl. He has ‘trapped’ this girl in his arms. At a glance, this might seem very innocent and romantic. But in the context of the song, it means exactly the opposite. The Weeknd has a clutch on this girl that he is just loving. In the context of the drama series, ‘The Idol,’ Abel’s character might be portraying a music manager who is known to build certain grips on upcoming artists.

The Weeknd has a very active sexual relationship with this girl. He knows how to awaken the demon inside of this girl. She might be loving it, too, because she keeps coming back. Or, it might be just that she has no escape due to some sort of influence Tedros has over her or the industry in general.

The ‘double fantasy’ part about the song might allude to how The Weeknd has a no-strings relationship with an amazing-looking girl. Within the privacy of his mansion, she also turns into a sexual demon. This girl is an aspiring pop icon and naturally, a lot of people fantasize about her. But, Abel is one of the very few who really get to bed her.

Future’s verse on the song just elaborates on the nature of this relationship. One interesting fact he adds is that both the girl and himself came from the trenches where life was a war. Now, they are both pretty big and can afford many luxuries life has to offer. An additional perk of this life is that both Future and The Weeknd can afford her!

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