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Charli XCX – 360 | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

“360” is the brand new single by Charli XCX from her upcoming album ‘BRAT.’ In the song, Charli XCX is as confident as they come, bragging about her talents and looks alike–dare we say an allrounder–a 360 degree perfection!

‘BRAT’ is the sixth studio album by English singer-songwriter Charli XCX. Scheduled to release on June 7, 2024, we have heard four singles so far from the album. Namely; “Club Classics,” “Von Dutch,” and “B2b.” In an interview with Billboard magazine, Charli mentioned that this album will be very personal to her and also “…. very direct. I’m over the idea of metaphor and flowery lyricism and not saying exactly what I think, the way I would say it to a friend in a text message”.

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Charli XCX “360” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Throughout the song, Charli XCX radiates confidence over the person she has become. And through this infectious beat, she makes the listener feel the same.

Charli XCX feels even more powerful because she went against the grain and still made it. She doesn’t conform to many of the socially accepted norms. So, she made a path for her on her own.

I’m tectonic, moves, I make ’em

Tectonic plates are seven massive pieces of Earth’s crust that hold the entire land mass of the world. These move very slowly over time. Charli XCX says her influence is as such it feels as if she can move these plates that hold the entire world on top of them.

In the hook of the song, Charli XCX says that she is perfection all around. She has the looks and the skills to back up this claim. She compares herself to actress Julia Fox, who is a well-known actress around the world.

666 with a princess streak

The above lyric signifies the duality of Charli XCX. ‘666’ is a popular reference to the devil or Satan. A ‘princess streak’ is what one would expect from an angel. One would need to perfect both of these personalities to survive in the industry.

In the second verse of the song, Charli XCX flaunts her international audience and her ability to influence fans around the world. Her music has been well-received throughout her career, which makes her musical legacy undebated. However, after five studio albums, she does not care what anyone thinks about her or her music. She will be bumping to her own beat.

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