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Eminem – Houdini | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

The Great Harry Houdini is getting his flowers recently as Eminem opts to name his latest single “Houdini.” The song, releasing on May 31, 2024, is expected to set the precedence for Eminem’s twelfth studio album, titled ‘Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grâce).’

Announcing the song today on social media, Eminem released a short video featuring the renowned illusionist David Blaine. In the video, Eminem and David Blaine FaceTime each other to brainstorm an extreme illusion for Eminem’s last hoorah! At the end of the video, Eminem admits “Well, for my last trick, I’m gonna make my career disappear.”

Cover art for “Houdini” by Eminem

The artwork for “Houdini” features Slim Shady dressed in a classical illusionist attire in front of what seems like ‘The Eminem Show’ curtains. Surrounding him are several devils enchanted in the magic that is his music. Floating in between his hands is a mic coated in a spell cast by Eminem. The message is clear. Eminem is going to bring out his A-game in wordsmithing, which is also supported by the Ace card on his hat.

On October 24th, 1926, Houdini tragically passed away in Detroit, Michigan at the age of 52. Interestingly, Detroit is also the hometown of Eminem, who turns 52 in October 2024.

Watch “Houdini” Music Video by Eminem

Eminem “Houdini” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Eminem did mention how his latest act is going to make his career disappear. He fails in this regard although he tries his hardest in the new single “Houdini.”

The rapper takes shots at the current state of rap and society as a whole. The concept of the song and the music video is Slim Shady from the 2000s coming through a time portal to the present day to meet the 52-year-old Marshall Mathers. Fans have been asking for Slim Shady for so long and we have him back.

The 2000s Slim Shady is astonished by the state of the world today as everyone seems to be turning into a ‘girl scout’–soft and easily breakable. So, Slim Shady gives his best shot.

It seems impossible to ‘cancel’ Eminem at this point in his career. He was canceled before ‘cancel culture’ was invested. He made a career out of being controversial and saying out loud what others did not dare to. It seems as if Eminem is immune to being canceled now no matter what he says.

But he tried. One of many such attempts is indirectly talking about the shooting incident of rapper Megan Thee Stallion. In 2020 Megan Thee Stallion claimed that rapper Tory Lanez shot at her and injured her feet after getting into an argument. Eminem asks for a ‘feat’ AKA feature with Megan Thee Stallion in “Houdini.”

Stallion if she would collab with me
Would I really have a shot at a feat?

Eminem is a wordsmith. So, he does not directly talk about the shooting. But he might as well have.

Ate but I will hit an eight year old in the face with a participation trophy

Not to worry. Eminem loves kids. However, the present culture is so that everyone has to feel like a winner–no one is left out. No cut-throat competition. Nobody gets their feelings hurt.

That censorship bureau’s out

The censorship bureau has always been out for Eminem as he speaks his mind out. And his head is not for now or then. He mastered the art of controversy. From his lyrics about his cheating wife, drug-addict mother, the father who abandoned him at a young age, politicians, and other rappers, all got a piece of the uncensored mind of Slim Shady. He calls him a walking parental advisory sticker and we all can agree.

R. Kelly gets a shot from “Houdini” as Eminem references Kelly’s disgusting child molestation claims.

My transgender cat’s Siamese
Identifies as black, but acts Chinese

Slim Shady takes another whack at the state of transgender communities in the world. He references his cat as an example; it identifies as black but acts Chinese. This is a jab at the volatility of the matter in some persons. Some have a hard time defining themselves and some purposefully do not align with any gender.

But don’t take it personally, in the third verse of the song, Slim Shady says a FU to everyone–even the ones around him. Paul Rosenburg, his manager, Dr. Dre, his mentor, Jimmy Iovine, long-time friend and producer, and even his own kids Hailey and Alaina, get a FU from Slim Shady.

I guess, Slim Shady is the only one who can get away with dissing Eminem’s daughters.

The music video for “Houdini” is a work of art. It’s done in a comic-book story style, where Slim Shady meets Eminem. The theme and the beat closely resemble Eminem’s hit single “Without Me” from 2002. In the end of the video, we see Slim Shady from 2002 fuze into Eminem from 2024 to create a whole new monster. Does ‘The Death of Slim Shady’ album bring out this new monster? We wait.

Let us hear what you think about this song in the comments below. Read the complete lyrics to the song on Genius.

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