eminem turns 49 happy birthday

Eminem Turns 49 & Fans Wish Rap God a Happy Birthday (2021)

Which is so odd ’cause I’m forty-eight now
That 5-0’s startin’ to creep up on me like a patrol car (Woo)

Eminem – “Tone Deaf”

Eminem wrote those lines a year ago in his last album ‘Music To Be Murdered By: Side B.’ Eminem was getting something personal out and still could not help dropping a casual bar. “Five-O” is a term used to reference the cops who ride in patrol cars. ‘Five-O’ is also his age in 2022.

Marshall Bruce Mathers III is turning 49-years-young today. The entire fanbase rallied up to wish the rap legend a happy birthday all over social media.

The highest-selling rapper of all time, Eminem, is celebrating his 49th birthday on October 17, 2021. His birthday comes in the midst of some of the best times in his career.

Eminem is one of the top monthly-listened artists on Spotify, with 45 million monthly listens (22nd in the world). He just became the first hip-hop artist to cross 20 billion streams on YouTube, and the 6th artist to ever do so.

Eminem is set to perform at the Super Bowl LVI halftime show alongside Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, and Mary J. Blige in February 2022.

Marshall also opened his own Mom’s Spaghetti restaurant in Downtown Detroit in September 2021.

There are also many rumors of a new Eminem album in the works and to be released towards the latter part of 2021.

Most importantly, Eminem is 13 years sober in 2021. He has done everything.

Fans with Eminem a Happy 49th Birthday

Below are some of the birthday wishes by fans from all over social media.


This fan quoted the iconic lyrics from “Lose Yourself” to wish Eminem a happy birthday.

This fan went on to list some of the most iconic achievements of Eminem to date.

At 49 years, it is not the easiest to stay relevant in the musical climate that keeps on changing daily. Eminem is the only artist from the 90’s doing the numbers he does today. Many fans added a token of appreciation for the love and effort Eminem pours into his work even now.

Rather than mocking artists for being old, let us appreciate the artists who still grind for the love of the game and for their fans.

Wishing Eminem a legendary birthday on his 49th and hoping for many more active years to come!

Drop in your wish in the comments below.

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