Taylor Swift and Kanye West Bury the Hatchet, Talks and Hugs at Grammys

Taylor Swift and Kanye West are friends again

There were so many award winners tonight at the 57th Grammy Awards. And there were so many absolutely brilliant performances tonight. But nothing comes closer to this epic union of two of the biggest celebrities in music. Taylor Swift and Kanye West started off on the wrong foot, but they buried the hatchet at the 2015 Grammy Awards. They were […]

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Eminem Wins ‘Best Rap Album’ & ‘Best Rap Collaboration’ at 2015 Grammy Awards

The 57th Grammy Awards are still happening and a huge list of winners have been announced already. It makes us so happy to see that so many of our favorite artists, those who even inspired to start this blog, are among the Grammy winners tonight. A huge congratulations to all the winners and the nominees of this year’s Grammy Awards. […]

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Katy Perry Calls Taylor Swift a ‘Sweetheart’ in New Interview

Katy Perry calls Taylor Swift a sweetheart

Just as when we were beginning to think the feud between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift was escalating, this new piece of information gives us a little positive outlook into the future. In the March issue of Elle magazine, Katy Perry straight up says “Taylor’s the sweetheart”. This gives us, those who don’t want to see an escalated war between these two, […]

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