Katy Perry Calls Taylor Swift a ‘Sweetheart’ in New Interview

Katy Perry calls Taylor Swift a sweetheart

Just as when we were beginning to think the feud between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift was escalating, this new piece of information gives us a little positive outlook into the future. In the March issue of Elle magazine, Katy Perry straight up says “Taylor’s the sweetheart”. This gives us, those who don’t want to see an escalated war between these two, […]

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Taylor Swift, Jay Z, Beyonce Attends Justin Timberlake’s Birthday Party

Taylor Swift, Jay Z, Beyonce Attends Justin Timberlake's Birthday

Justin Timberlake just got younger. Justin Timberlakes’s birthday party happened on January 31, 2015 as the music legend turned 34. Yes, he still looks 24. Yes, we are most jealous of his looks too. Justin Timberlake just concluded one of the most successful music tours of all time — “The 20/20 Tour” and it was all kinds of epicness throughout […]

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Taylor Swift’s Twitter and Instagram Gets Hacked, Threatened to Release Nude Photos

taylor swift hacked

Just another day goofing around the social networks of Taylor Swift and she receives a message from Paramore’s Hayley Williams about Tay’s Twitter and Instagram accounts being hacked. Taylor awards ‘MVP of The Day’ to Hayley Williams for this news. Taylor Swift Hacked by ‘Lizard Squad’ A group that goes by the name ‘Lizard Squad’ hacked into Taylor Swift’s Twitter and Instagram […]

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