Where to Buy Taylor Swift’s Snake Rings from “Look What You Made Me Do” Video

taylor swift look what you made me do snake rings video buy online cheap

Taylor Swift’s latest single “Look What You Made Me Do” shows us the 27 year old star embracing the dark side, which the other artists fought to bring out. Taylor Swift is finally steering into the hate remarks which had her reigned the ‘snake queen.’ A ‘snake’ in colloquial tongue is a two-faced person who lies and cheats for personal […]

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Shady Records, Distinct Life and Beats by Dre Brings Awesome “ShadyLife” Goodies

ShadyLife Shady Pill

A huge collaboration happened for Shady Records in the means of bringing some awesome goodies for the fans. Shady Records (Eminem’s record label) collaborated with Distinct Life (clothing company) and Beats by Dre (everybody knows what this is), and they have some cool clothing items and Beats pills. These bundles are named “ShadyLife” and are available at Gumroad.com (links are […]

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