Watch “End Game” Teaser Trailer by Taylor Swift with Release Date and Time

end game music video teaser taylor swift

The most anticipated music video from Taylor Swift’s ‘Revival’ album has been announced. Why is “End Game” the most awaited video? Because, the song has three features and one of the very few tracks that contain featured artists off of the new album. Also, Ed Sheeran is in the song and the video. The second featured artist is Future-whom looked […]

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Is Katy Perry Starring in Taylor Swift’s Next Music Video “End Game?”

taylor swift katy perry end game music video

Taylor Swift’s latest album ‘Reputation’ has been quite successful and controversial. The album is talking about several rivals of Taylor in the music industry and Kanye West and Katy Perry occupy most of the songs. Joe Alwyn-the current boyfriend of Taylor Swift-occupy the rest of the lyrics to the songs. “End Game” is one of the few collaborations available on […]

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Watch Taylor Swift’s 6 Set Performance at Poptopia 2017

taylor swift set poptopia 2017 shake it off ready for it live

Poptopia 2017 marks the second consecutive set Taylor Swift performed in December 2017. She also performed some of her best hits at iHeart Jingle Ball 2017. In Poptopia performance, Taylor Swift rocked the fans back and forth between two eras from ‘1989’ to ‘Reputation’ albums. Taylor also performed one of her biggest and sexiest collaborations to-date, “I Don’t Wanna Live […]

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Taylor Swift Performs an Instrumental “Call It What You Want” Live on SNL

taylor swift call it what you want live snl

Taylor Swift has gone all-in with Pop and trap music in her new album ‘Reputation’ released last month. Almost all the songs in the album are heavy Pop and synth music and they are very catchy too. So it becomes a refreshing twist when Taylor performs one of those songs stripped down to bare minimum music. This is what happened […]

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Watch Taylor Swift Create “Delicate” Song from ‘Reputation’ Album

taylor swift delicate making of

“Delicate” appears as one of the sweeter and innocent songs of Taylor Swift from her latest album ‘Reputation.’ The album has been a massive success that it is spending the second week on top of Billboard 200 chart. We believe that “Delicate” speaks about Taylor Swift in the wake of a new relationship-possibly with current boyfriend Joe Alwyn. Taylor Swift […]

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Watch Taylor Swift Perform “New Year’s Day” Live at Jimmy Fallon

taylor swift new year's day live performance jimmy fallon

Taylor Swift’s new album ‘Reputation’ is released and selling like hot cakes on the market. The official first day sales figures have been over 700,000 copies sold, which could be a new record even for Taylor Swift. Although the album is mostly synth-pop, there is one song that stands out-“New Year’s Day.” “New Year’s Day” is the only ballad in […]

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Taylor Swift – New Year’s Day (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

taylor swift reputation album track list full review lyrics songs

“New Year’s Day” is the fifteenth and last song off of Taylor Swift’s sixth studio album ‘Reputation.’ This song has a whole different tune and theme than that was followed throughout the album. And this is the only song without heavy electro-pop music and synths. “New Year’s Day” is a different kind of love story. Taylor speaks about an enduring […]

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