Little Mix Reveals Second Single “Love Me Like You” and Album Tracklist

little mix second single love me like you get weird album

Little Mix just made a not-so-little announcement today and the Mixers are hyped all over the world. So hyped that LittleMixSingle2¬†is trending worldwide. So what’s the big news? Well, they revealed what their second single from the upcoming album is going to be. The second single is “Love Me Like You” and will be released on September 11, 2015. So […]

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Listen to “Phenomenal” by Eminem from ‘Southpaw’ Movie Soundtrack

eminem phenomenal southpaw movie soudntrack

A new Eminem song has just dropped, not officially though. This track is titled as “Phenomenal” and is a song from the upcoming movie ‘Southpaw’. Earlier the song was teased¬†with the news of the upcoming Eminem track. But, now we have the full official song out there. “Phenomenal” is an empowering track with a lot of juice in it, and […]

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Listen to An Interlude “James Joint” by Rihanna from ‘R8’ Album

rihanna james joint interlude r8 album

4.20, 4/20 or 420 or April 20th is the ‘official’ blaze day. And almost every artist seemed to celebrate it with a picture of them blazing posted on their social networks. Rihanna however was more prepared. She released an interlude from ‘R8’ album, titled “James Joint”, yes, joint. *wink* Releasing the new music on her website, Rihanna added “In celebration […]

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New Tecn N9ne Collaboration with Eminem on “Speedom” Announced

tech n9ne collaboration with eminem speedom

We have heard the rumors. Then Tech N9ne confirmed the collaboration on a live stage performance. According to the announcement, he (Tech N9ne) had already completed his lyrics to the collaboration and was awaiting Eminem’s verses to it. He said it was going to be epic–we have no doubts. The new track from Tech N9ne’s upcoming album, ‘Special Effects’, is […]

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Rihanna Announces “Bitch Better Have My Money” Single and Unveils New Photos from R8

rihanna bitch better have my money r8

Rihanna has been having a busy 2015. And it’s mostly due to her upcoming album ‘R8’ release. There have been several singles released off of the album so far and she is ready to release yet another on Thursday (March 26). The following picture was uploaded on Rihanna’s Instagram profile last night. So there is clear indication that #BBHMM is […]

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Hozier Teases “Someone New” Music Video with Natalie Dormer

hozier someone new music video natalie dormer

Just moments ago, “Take Me To Church” maestro, Hozier teased us with a new music video coming soon. It’s the music video for “Someone New” song from his self-titled debut album. “Someone New” music video features Natalie Dormer–Margaery Tyrell from Game of Thrones (Yes, I’m a bit of a GOT fan). We have seen her beauty in Game of Thrones […]

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New Music by Eminem and 50 Cent, Titled “Champions” Coming Up!

50 cent talks about new collaboration with eminem titled "champions"

Some very exciting news for two of the biggest Hip hop and Rap factions of the music industry. In a recent interview with MTV, the G-Unit lead personnel, 50 Cent went on to reveal new music produced in collaboration with the Detroit emcee Eminem. And it even has a name: “Champions”, and it will feature on Fifty’s upcoming album ‘Street […]

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