Song Meaning of “Hello” by Adele (A Lyrics Review)

adele hello song meaning lyrics review interpret

Adele has been scoring massive successes with her latest album “25.” As per official statistics the album has sold over a million copies each week for two consecutive years, which is a feat that Taylor’s ‘1989‘ couldn’t accomplish. Adele released this album after a few years of hiatus and the need for Adele’s music has almost driven the fans insane. […]

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(Song Meaning) “SlaughterMouse (Letter To Eminem)” by Joe Budden

song meaning review slaughtermouse a letter to eminem joe budden

Not many people have the rights or guts to address Eminem. And many of such callings have been in the form of disses, to which Eminem has given absolutely no concern at all. Joe Budden has done something slightly different to all of them. He touched a sweet spot between being a ‘Stan’ and being direct and blunt. Don’t get […]

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Silentó’s “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” Music Video Review

silentó watch me nae nae music video review

Once every few months comes song or a music video that baffles all of us fanatics, but yet becomes a number one worldwide sensation and a crave. Silentó’s “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” song and music video belongs to this category. It isn’t essentially a bad thing. The 17 year old Ricky Lamar Hawk AKA Silentó, had gained worldwide popularity due […]

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Tech N9ne & Eminem Collaboration “Speedom” is Here (Meaning & Review)

tech n9ne speedom featuring eminem and krizz kaliko new song

One of the most anticipated Rap collaborations of 2015 just got released and it totally lives up to the massive hype it created. Before this, we heard another highly anticipated Eminem collaboration with Yelawolf on “Best Friend“, but this track is on a whole different level. Tech N9ne warned us of that in an interview sometime ago-that this song is […]

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(NSFW) Music Video for “Adoration Of The Magi” by Lupe Fiasco (Review)

lupe fiasco adoration of the magi music video

Lupe is a true genius in his own regard. “Adoration Of The Magi’ track from ‘Tetsuo & Youth’ album is definite proof on that. While you will be busy gazing at the stripper dancing around a pole and strip her clothes down, you just might miss the incredible meaning behind this song. ‘Adoration of the Magi’  is the name traditionally […]

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(Review) Yelawolf’s “Best Friend” Featuring Eminem, Talks About 2Pac and Proof

yelawolf best friend ft eminem

Last week we had the privilege to listen to a snippet of “Best Friend“, and it was pretty mellow. Little did we know Eminem comes on the track later on and blasts off the track. It’s intense. Not only the single “Best Friend”, but Yelawolf’s entire new album ‘Love Story’ leaked online and is making rounds on the Internet. We […]

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