Watch Madonna Survive in a Post-Apocalyptic “Ghosttown” with Lucious Lyon

madonna ghosttown music video

Madonna teased the creepy “Ghosttown” music video a few days ago, and today the official music video has been released. It is quite what we expected seeing the teaser clip. “Ghosttown” music video starts off with an announcement of a nuclear attack on several cities in the USA, and Madonna has survived the attack in one such cities. She walks […]

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(Watch) Rihanna’s “American Oxygen” Music Video Premiers Exclusively on TIDAL

rihanna american oxygen music video premier tidal

TIDAL’s exclusivity keeps on getting exclusive as Rihanna featured her latest ‘R8’ track “American Oxygen” on TIDAL yesterday. Now she has released the official music video for the song also exclusively on TIDAL. It has only been a few hours since the video release and it is not available outside of TIDAL yet. Wonder how VEVO feels about this. Anyway, […]

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Tinashe Premiers “All Hands On Deck” Music Video

tinashe all hands on deck music video

“All Hands On Deck” was one of the singles off of Tinashe’s 2014 debut album ‘Aquarius’. However the single was released on Feb 24, 2015 for promotion of the album. The music video for “All Hands On Deck” was released today. “All Hands On Deck” falls into Crunk&B genre. Yeah, that’s a thing. ‘Crunk’ music signifies upbeat, club-like music, with […]

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Watch Rihanna Premier “American Oxygen” at March Madness Festival

rihanna live perform debut american oxygen march madness music festival

A couple of weeks ago we were teased with a brand new song by Rihanna from the March Madness┬átrailer. The teaser clip was very short, but it showed great promise. It is also rumored to be a track from Rihanna’s upcoming album ‘R8’. Last night Rihanna performed the full “American Oxygen” track live during the March Madness music festival. And […]

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