Listen to “Phenomenal” by Eminem from ‘Southpaw’ Movie Soundtrack

eminem phenomenal southpaw movie soudntrack

A new Eminem song has just dropped, not officially though. This track is titled as “Phenomenal” and is a song from the upcoming movie ‘Southpaw’. Earlier the song was teased with the news of the upcoming Eminem track. But, now we have the full official song out there. “Phenomenal” is an empowering track with a lot of juice in it, and […]

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Snippet of Kendrick Lamar’s New Untitled Song (Leaked)

new untitled song by kendrick lamar snippet

The last time Kendrick Lamar released an untitled track, it caused some major stir in the music industry. The musical and lyrical masterpiece he debuted at the Colbert Report is still out there untitled and album-less. However, yesterday, another genius piece of music surfaced online. Kendrick Lamar’s undeniable lullabies with some new tunes and a female voice. This new untitled track […]

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Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss Joins “Bad Blood” Music Video

cara delevingne and karlie kloss in taylor swift's bad blood music video

Just two more days till the release of the next most awaited music video by Taylor Swift. This is the fourth visuals from the ‘1989’ album, and would most likely be the most viewed music video in the shortest amount of time. Why? Because the “Bad Blood” music video is PACKED with celebrities. Martha Hunt, Jessica Alba, Lena Dunham, Hailee […]

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Kendrick Lamar is Welvin Da Great in Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” Music Video

kendrick lamar starring as welvin da great in taylor swifts bad blood music video

The small friendship has grown into a big snowball now. Kendrick Lamar was humble enough to admit that he was a Taylor Swift fan and went on to sing a few lines of Taylor Swift back in 2014. That was after Taylor Swift lip synced over Kendrick Lamar’s “Backseat Freestyle“, after Taylor sold over a million copies of the latest […]

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Taylor Swift Teases “Bad Blood” Music Video Poster and Release Date

taylor swift bad blood music video release date

Everybody predicted correct. Everybody predicted that it was the “Bad Blood” music video that is in the making when Taylor Swift and her millionaire friends were spotted wearing weird clothes and gathering into one place. Miss Swift herself was seen with a new hairstyle and draped in white clothing-so were her other besties-Cara Delevingne, Hayley Williams, Matha Hunt, Karlie Kloss, […]

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Live Acoustic Performance of “New Slaves” by Kanye West Ft. Charlie Wilson

kanye west new slaves ft. charlie wilson

Kanye West released some pretty inspiring and emotional and intense tracks from his upcoming ‘So Help Me God’ album. But we have a little throwback to his ever so successful ‘Yeezus’ album. Kanye West and Charlie Wilson performed an amazing live, acoustic version of “New Slaves” from the said album. The performance took place at Jools Holland‘s Later on BBC, and […]

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