Could “Wonderland” Be Taylor Swift’s Latest ‘1989’ Single?

So far there have been several singles off of Taylor Swift’s ‘1989‘ album. And they have all been highly successful. “Shake It Off” and “Blank Space” were the forerunners of of ‘1989’ and had been ruling over music charts even until now. “Style” was the latest single from the album and was released with a music video of it’s own. […]

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Taylor Swift Releases “Style” Music Video- Paper Airplanes Everywhere?

taylor swift "Style" music video

Taylor Swift has just officially released the much anticipated “Style” music video. And it’s good. “Style” music video is different from all the previous visuals of Taylor we have seen. It’s emotional, despite the “Style” track being quite upbeat and chirpy. The music video is in tune with the meaning behind the song, and not the beat of the song. […]

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Taylor Swift “Style” Music Video Release Date Revealed with Teaser Clip

Taylor Swift Style music video release date revealed

So we have been arguing over when the “Style” music video will actually be released. Scott Borchetta, Big Machine Records’ CEO, accidentally Tweeted that the video will be released on Feb 9th and Taylor Swift fandom has been in chaos ever since. So we guessed the “Style” music video will release on Feb 10, but we were pretty wrong too. […]

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[Photos] Taylor Swift Dressed Up in Black Lingerie for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2014

making out

Taylor Swift nailed it at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last night. We brought you the latest pictures and videos of her performance through an entire article, which turned out sizzling hot. Taylor performed two songs during the show–“Style” and “Blank Space”. Taylor Swift wore Black lingerie for the performance of “Style” as the Victoria’s Secret angels walked down the […]

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See The First Photos and Videos of Taylor Swift Performing “Style” and “Blank Space” At Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2014

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2014

The first round of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is happening now (ended now, maybe?) and pictures and videos from the people present at the show are flowing in. Taylor Swift performed “Style” and “Blank Space” at the VS Fashion Show and looking at the videos I would say she killed it–Slayed it… Pictures and Videos of Taylor Swift Performing […]

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Taylor Swift Will Be Performing “Style” and “Blank Space” at Victoria’s Secrets Fashion Show

Taylor Swift performing at 2013 Victoria's Secrets Fashion show

In an earlier post we discussed the arrival of Taylor Swift in London in preparation for the upcoming Victoria’s Secrets Fashion Show 2014. She was out shopping and took some pictures with the VS angels. That was all good and well. The real question was what would she be performing at the fashion show?! That was yesterday and in a […]

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