Taylor Swift 1989 Secret Sessions Video

So Taylor Swift has been mingling with her fans for about a month now hosting parties that are called “1989 Secret Sessions”. Taylor released a behind the scenes video of these Taylor Swift 1989 Secret Sessions.

Watch the video and weep. Those were some of the extremely lucky people who got to meet Taylor Swift personally, eat her handmade cookies and LISTEN TO 1989 FULL ALBUM!!! Let me give you a second to absorb it and process it. But wait, you still have the chance to meet Taylor. All you have to do is buy the 1989 album between October 27 to November 2 and you can be a lucky winner too. But then again listening to the full album would not be much of a surprise as it would have been in these videos.

Taylor Swift 1989 Secret Sessions were held in several places across US and UK. The fans were picked by the Taylor Nation, which directly contacted the fans and were asked to meet at a public place where they were all boarded on a bus and were driven to a house. They have no clue about what is about to happen. I think they very well knew they were going to meet Taylor Swift-but listening to the full album before a month of its scheduled release is a huge bonus. Then they got to dance with Taylor, take pictures with her and hug her etc etc. They even got to meet Olivia Benson.

This was just the behind the scenes video. This only played ‘Out of The Woods’ as the background music. But the fans in the video got to listen to all the tracks. They were so happy about it and all of them had to say positive things about it.

The 1989 album releases on October 27 worldwide…