Happy 42nd Birthday to The Rap God-Eminem

There has never been a rap/hip-hop artist as big as Eminem. He is recorded as the most successful recording artist for hip-hop in the entire history of music. He is known in many names- Marshall Bruce Mathers III, Slim Shady, Eminem and more recently Rap God.


Marshall Bruce Mathers III is the birth name of this legend. He was born in Missouri and raised in Detroit. He had a rough childhood growing in a poverty-ridden African-american neighborhood. His father left him when he was small and his mother was ‘unstable’. He got bullied in schools constantly and never fitted in his society. Later on he discovered his skills for composing lyrics and rapping. He participated in underground rap battles in 8 Mile, Detroit. Marshall began his rapping during high school with his friend Mike, and together they were called M&M which later transformed into Eminem. Eminem never had a stable relationship with anyone. Eminem still has unresolved issues with his mother-Debbie Mathers. He still hates his ex-wife Kim. He still barely gets involved in his daughters life.

Eminem celebrates his 42nd birthday today (October 17, 2014). After almost 30 years in the music and rap industry he is now bigger than ever.  His eighth studio album ‘Marshall Mathers LP 2’ which was claimed Album of the Year by many reviewers. His next album SHADYXV is coming out on November 28, 2014.

So lets gather around and wish this lyrical genius a happy birthday. May he reign forever as the Rap God and may he produce good music in the many years to come.