Taylor Swift birthday tweet

Taylor Swift Just Shut Down the #thirsty Media with This Tweet! This is Her 25th Birthday Wish!

Taylor Swift just owned the Internet as she Tweeted this amazing tweet about all the gossip that has been circulating about her dating rumors. There were Harry Styles (Haylor) news, Matt Healy news, some musician I don’t even know the name of, and most bizarrely her BFF Karlie Kloss was involved too. Taylor Swift’s “1989” album has gone past 2 million sales and the media is interested in who she is dating right now–for which the answer is NONE!

Taylor Swift’s birthday is coming up in 5 days (December 13) and Taylor wanted to make a wish today. She went on Twitter and typed in these words. It’s not surprising, only such a talented songwriter could come up with these #sassy statuses then and there.

Taylor Swift's Birthday wish
Taylor Swift’s Birthday wish

This is everything! Taylor Swift again proved that she is the Queen-bee and nobody gets to mess with her in the ‘1989 era’, the way they did with her in her Country era. The new Taylor is a badass.

“As my 25th birthday present from the media, I’d like for you to stop accusing all my friends of dating me. #thirsty “

This is just the most direct and badass Tweet from a celebrity I have seen in a while. She didn’t even ask the present for herself. She asked the media to keep her friends out of it. How thoughtful and sweet of her. That’s why Taylor is officially one of the best celebrity role models this generation has seen.

Taylor Swift has a LOT of celebrity, powerful friends, specially in the music industry. And this is how they responded to Taylor’s badass tweet.

taylor swift birthday tweet
Ed Sheeran, Taylor’s closest male friend, was keen to reply to her friend’s tweet and reply in a cool way
taylor swift birthday tweet
Sam Smith was quite interested to retweet Taylor’s badass tweet as well.
taylor swift birthday tweet
Haley Williams of Paramore too joined the party with a sassy comment

and don’t forget the millions of Swifties around the world. That tweet must have made a million rounds around the twitterspere by now. And we couldn’t have been more proud of her.

#thirsty was a special remark for the media. It means that the media is always thirsty for more and more–and usually more gossip than facts and positive things. Media is dumb-founded right now, but they will not give up on their usual behaviors. Until people stop reading about Taylor Swift dating rumors, the media will continue to feed them to people. So it needs to stop from the people.

This tweet is proof that Taylor Swift #slay HARD!!!

What do you think?

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