A Look at Taylor Swift Fashions Throughout Stage Performances in 2014

Taylor Swift is known to slay in her music. But we also knew that she dresses to kill as well.

There is a clear evolution of Taylor Swift fashions from her RED days to POP days. A huge difference from her Speak Now and earlier days to present day. As she and her music evolves, so does her fashion.

In “1989” era Taylor Swift is dressed more ‘sparkly’, a lot more leggy and a lot more short skirts. However revealing they are, Taylor continues to stick to her ‘no belly button on stage‘ policy! However it all shows her happy emotions. “1989” is Taylor Swift’s happiest era by a large margin.

Here are some of the most adorable outfits of Taylor Swift on her live performances.


Credits to sparksoftaylor.tumblr.com for this beautiful creation.

Try and name the events shown in the pictures above. Each has been from one of her stage performances during 2014. Give it a go!

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