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Sia Releases “Salted Wound” From Fifty Shades of Grey Movie

As days grow closer to the release of Fifty Shades of Grey movie premier, Sia released yet another song from the Fifty Shades motion picture. The latest track is titled “Salted Wound” and Sia goes all shades of emotional on this song. “Salted Wound” has nothing to do with the explicit content of the movie, that was very well portrayed with the songs released before such as “Earned It” by The Weeknd and “Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding. As the name suggests “Salted Wound” has to relate to some heartbreak incidents in the movie-the biggest being at the end of the movie.

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The song has been written by Sia herself. Hence, probably the perfect match between her vocals and the lyrics to the song. Those vocals, highs and lows and pitch, makes every song Sia does, unique and precious.

Let’s try to review the song a little bit.

Tell her on how you feel,
Give her every say she needs to hear
Give your heart, and say come take it
And she will see you’re a good man

This verse right here clearly indicates a post-breakup scenario. For those who have read the book will know where the breakup/s happen in the story. In the interest of non-book readers I will not go into details of the breakup or breakups. But clearly this verse speaks how the singer wants Christian Grey to speak out his mind, that he really loves Anna, and try to show her that he really is a ‘good’ person besides his other inclinations.

Don’t break
Yeah, you’ll pull through it,
You’re safe
Yes, you can do it,
Don’t break
Yeah, you’ll pull through it,
You’re safe

I cannot tell if one person was more or less devastated at any breakup, but this verse sounds like Sia is addressing to both Christian and Anna, ‘you’ being used to refer to both sexes. After whatever the breakup situation, both are undoubtedly devastated. And hence the repeated calls to not break down.

“Salted Wound” is a nice little hauntingly amazing song. We already got to know the full tracklist of Fifty Shades of Grey motion picture. There’s a few more that we need to keep our eyes peeled. Hopefully they will be hot or haunting like the tracks released so far.

Let us know your interpretation of the song. Which song released so far is the best?

One thought on “Sia Releases “Salted Wound” From Fifty Shades of Grey Movie

  1. A beautiful lyrical song song. which explains Christian’s proclivities in a non threatening way & encourages him to take Ana & love her with all his heart. I love this song.

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