Avril Lavigne’s “Give You What You Like” Will Feature on ‘Babysitter’s Black Book’

Oh, how we missed this POP sensation. Avril Lavigne has been quite out of the spot light for a while and she has a surprise for us fans. Avril Lavigne announced that her song “Give You What You Like” will feature on the upcoming ‘Babysitter’s Black Book’ movie. The song was released back in November 2013 and the upcoming music video will consist of scenes from the movie.

UPDATE: Watch Full “Give You What You Like” Music Video

Watch Teaser Trailer for “Give You What You Like” Music Video

“Give You What You Like” is a song from Avril’s self titled album released back in 2013.

Avril Lavigne in "Give You What You Like" music video

Avril Lavigne in “Give You What You Like” music video

 Buy Avril Lavigne’s “Give You What You Like” Single on iTunes / Amazon

Buy Avril Lavigne’s Self Titled aAlbum on iTunes / Amazon

‘Babysitter’s Black Book’ is a movie about a group of friends starting up a babysitting business to pay for their college. But money gets even tighter and they get into prostitution to earn a quick dollar. The movie will feature stars like Spencer Locke, Steffani Brass and Angeline Appel, and is directed by Lee Friedlander. The movie will come out on February 21, 2015.

Listen to The Full Song Below

Cover art for "Give You What You Like" single

Cover art for “Give You What You Like” single

It’s nice to revisit the memories made by Avril Lavigne not so long ago. This makes us wonder when she will release her next album.

Let us know what you think about the track and how eager are you for a new album by Avril.

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