avril lavigne "give you what you like" music video

Avril Lavigne Premiers “Give You What You Like” Music Video

Several weeks ago Avril Lavigne teased us with a trailer of new music video for her 2013-track “Give You What You Like”. Avril also announced that “Give You What You Like” music video will be from the upcoming “Babysitter’s Black Book’ movie. And so, the music video contains a lot of clips from the movie, along with visuals of Avril singing the emotional song in a candlelit room. Despite the heartbreaking news that she was suffering from an undisclosed disease a few months back, Avril Lavigne looks good and well. If she still suffers from whatever disease she is suffering, we wish her a speedy recovery.

Watch “Give You What You Like” Music Video from ‘Babysitter’s Black Book’

Avril Lavigne has an incredible voice and voice control. The highs and lows she achieve in this track are quite incredible. We are in love. With the release of the music video, “Give You What You Like” will also be released as a single from her 2013 self titled album.

Buy Avril Lavigne’s “Give You What You Like” Single on iTunes /Amazon

Buy Avril Lavigne’s Self Titled Album on iTunes / Amazon


It’s so good to hear Avril’s voice after a long (too long) period of silence.

‘Babysitter’s Black Book’ movie will premier on Lifetime network on February 21, 2015. The movie is essentially about a group of college girls setting up a babysitting business to support their college expenses ending up in prostitution business in the end. The scenes shown in the “Give You What You Like” music video cleverly hides any hints of a ‘prostitution’ business, but does show many sexual encounters. The final scene of the video shows several girls being questioned at the police station. So at least we do know there was something shady going on with their ‘babysitting’ business.

Leave a comment about what you think of the music video and the movie. Make sure to wish for more Avril music this year!

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