kelly clarkson releases invincible single from piece by piece album

Kelly Clarkson Releases “Invincible” Single from ‘Piece By Piece’ Album

Kelly Clarkson has been quite busy releasing singles from her upcoming album ‘Piece By Piece‘ which is arranged to be released on March 03, 2015. It is going to be a great album, just because it is quite personal and inspired by her life. Today, she released another single “Invincible” from the upcoming album. Just like her previous releases, this single too talks about her personal experience with struggles of life.

Listen to “Invincible” Single by Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson talks about how she was scared of everything growing up–specially relationships. But now she feels like she is much more stronger and ready to take on the world. ‘Invincible’ in this song doesn’t mean she is not visible to anyone. It means she is invincible or less prone to all the hate from the world. Now that she is stronger, she looks back at her life and questions herself “No, I ain’t a scared little girl no more, Yeah, I am invincible, What was I running for?”.

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This new album is going to be quite amazing. As soon as you visit her website, this message pops up.

Each of these lyrics relates to an experience in my life, and I hope that some of these may trigger memories or reactions for y’all as well.

So she is pretty much laying all the cards on the table and inviting all of her fans to come take the journey down the memory lane with her. I feel like, there will be a lot of lyrics on ‘Piece By Piece’ album that many of us can and will relate to. So keeping that in mind we are signing off, letting you play “Invincible” on repeat.

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