50 cent talks about new collaboration with eminem titled "champions"

New Music by Eminem and 50 Cent, Titled “Champions” Coming Up!

Some very exciting news for two of the biggest Hip hop and Rap factions of the music industry. In a recent interview with MTV, the G-Unit lead personnel, 50 Cent went on to reveal new music produced in collaboration with the Detroit emcee Eminem. And it even has a name: “Champions”, and it will feature on Fifty’s upcoming album ‘Street King Immortal’.

50 Cent Speaks Working on “Champions” with Eminem in Detroit

He is a “lab rat” says Fifty speaking about Eminem. So, obviously, 50 Cent had to meet Em in Detroit in his studio and record this track.

“We wrote the song in Detroit. I did go out there, and we recorded in his studios, his comfort zone. Em is a lab rat, I don’t know if you know this. You don’t see him unless he’s scheduled to be somewhere. Other than that, he’s probably writing something new now.”

And there is clear evidence that “Champions” is going to be a classic Eminem track. 50 Cent says the following about the upcoming song on the interview;

“It sounds like one of those hit records that you’ve heard from Eminem in the past, with an R&B singer in the chorus.”

So it’s gonna be pretty good. We are already excited for ‘Street King Immortal’ album.

50 Cent Pays Tribute to Eminem For the “Opportunity He Provided”

Towards the latter part of the video, 50 Cent gets quite emotional speaking about how much Eminem has helped him in the industry.

“Me and Em’s relationship is really interesting too. I never had anyone in my life do so much for me in one shot. The opportunity he provided for me is even why [G-Unit] received their opportunity. In one shot he did it. He showed up, and his timing was incredible.”

It’s so great to see such humble feelings from someone like 50 Cent, and the silent nods of Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Young Buck and Kidd Kidd confirm the story.

Watch the interview below,

What do you think? Do you think it’s gonna be another huge hit by the Eminem-Fifty combo?

We will update on this new as soon as any more news pops up. So keep in touch with us.

There is no confirmed release date for ‘Street King Immortal’ album by 50 Cent. He has been pushing the release date to allow the release of the two EPs the G-Unit has been working on– ‘The Beauty Of Independence’ and ‘The Beast Is G-Unit‘, the latter to be released on March 3, 2015.

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