the beast is g-unit ep leaked online

G-Unit’s ‘The Beast Is G-Unit’ EP Has Leaked Online

The latest musical work by 50 Cent and his G-Unit crew was supposed to officially release on March 3, 2015, after the previous release date has been pushed from Nov/Dec 2014. However, the album ‘The Beast Is G-Unit’ has leaked online, just like all other albums before.

‘The Beast Is G-Unit’ is the second part of the EP that was released back in November 2014. ‘The Beauty Of Independence’ EP contained 6 tracks from the G-Unit crew, and 50 Cent mentioned that there will be a sequel to ‘The Beauty Of Independence’;

“The Beauty is the first half, The Beauty Of Independence. And then the second half, The Beast Is G-Unit, the second half.”

‘The Beast Is G-Unit’ Tracklisting

Just like it’s prequel, the second half of ‘The Beauty’ too contains 6 tracks.

01) Ballin’

02) I’m Grown

03) Bring My Bottles

04) Doper Than My Last One

05) Boy Boy

06) Choose One

Only “Bring My Bottles” has been officially released from the EP as of now.

Pre-Order ‘The Beast Is G-Unit’ EP by G-Unit on iTunes / Amazon

Please try to contain yourself from downloading the illegal leak. The album comes out in a week and only costs $6 for all the 6 tracks. That’s a very good deal.

“Music still means a lot, it’s not about money.”

Says 50 Cent. But they should be compensated for their hard work. It is not ‘about’ money, but it is about legality, ethicality and justice. So hold your breath for one more week until it officially releases.

In the meantime watch “Bring My Bottles” music video here…

Make sure to leave a comment about your thoughts on either of the EPs by G-Unit and let us know how big of a hit would the upcoming EP be.

2 thoughts on “G-Unit’s ‘The Beast Is G-Unit’ EP Has Leaked Online

    1. Actually this comes as no surprise to me. Pretty much every album that was released since last year, got leaked before the scheduled release date. That’s how worse the situation is. And yes, it will definitely impact the album sales.

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