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(Listen) New Unheard Track “Take Me There” by Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor literally burst into the music industry with her mega-hit single “All About That Bass”. Now a new song has surfaced from Meghan Trainor. This never-before-heard track is as cool as her previous hit. We have no clue where this song came from, but we sure are glad it did. It is the new dance anthem for this week. “Take Me There” is catchy, hip and pop and contagious.

Listen to “Take Me There” by Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor hinted about some new collaborations she has been working on. One with Jason Derulo and another with One Direction. But “Take Me There” clearly isn’t one of them as the track features a vocal-prominent musical piece by Trainor alone. The track kind of takes after “All About That Bass”, with similar music. Heavy drums, and a handful of other instruments, most prominent being the Ukulele played by Meghan herself.

We believe this could be a big hit–if it ever releases as a single. Maybe she is working on a new album. It seems a little too early to be working on a new album, since her debut album “Title” released just earlier this year. The most likely explanation is that “Take Me There” is a track that didn’t make it into the ‘Title’ album. This is more of a leak than an official release.

“Take Me There” talks about a sketchy relationship. The lyrics are pretty nice too.

Let’s make the most of this moonlight
Let’s raise them up ’cause there might never be a chance like this
Let’s find a way to the west coast
Don’t hesitate, ’cause there won’t ever be a chance like this
And you know I wanna be there
Come on and take me there
You know I wanna be there – “Take Me There” by Meghan Trainor

We have been playing it nonstop ever since we got a hold of the track. So be warned, we have another hot track by Meghan.

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