madonna ghosttown music video

Watch Madonna Survive in a Post-Apocalyptic “Ghosttown” with Lucious Lyon

Madonna teased the creepy “Ghosttown” music video a few days ago, and today the official music video has been released. It is quite what we expected seeing the teaser clip.

“Ghosttown” music video starts off with an announcement of a nuclear attack on several cities in the USA, and Madonna has survived the attack in one such cities. She walks out of the building to find out everything has been turned into fire and dust. She wears a chain with a cross when she sings “You’re all that I can trust, facing the darkest days,” which is symbolic in my opinion. She walks out and meets Terrance Howard (Lucious Lyon) from Empire. He is a survivor too, almost shoots Madonna. Anyway, watch the amazing music video below.


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What do you think of the music video? We think it’s another great music work by the queen of Pop. Pen down your thoughts on the song and the visuals in the comments below.

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