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Madonna Teases “Ghosttown” Music Video on TIDAL

TIDAL was re-launched after Jay-Z bought it and re-introduced as an exclusive music streaming service. They are already fighting other music services with their exclusivity. First, Rihanna premiered “American Oxyegn” on TIDAL and now Madonna has released a teaser video for the upcoming music video for “Ghosttown“.

“Ghosttown” is a single from Madonna’s thirteenth studio album ‘Rebel Heart’, which was released in March, 2015. Much like most of her music, “Ghosttown” too was very well received by the fans and the music community. Now she is prepping to release the music video for it, and the teaser is as follows.

Nothing much can be extracted from the 16-second video teaser. But we can say that Madonna is dressed in sexy lingerie and entering into what seems like a hellish place. All the blackness and weird visual effects made it difficult to grab anything off of the video right away. But we can predict one thing–that “Ghosttown” music video is going to be pretty epic and hot.

Madonna and Taylor Swift performed “Ghosttown” at iHeartRadio Music Awards 2015 as a surprise performance and it was all kinds of epicness. Two queens of Pop on one stage!

We are looking forward for the music video. A release date has not been announced yet. But it will be released exclusively on TIDAL first. But don’t worry, it will appear on YouTube within hours.

In the meantime leave a comment about the song or what you can expect from the upcoming music video.

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