lil wayne and charlie puth nothing but trouble

Lil Wayne and Charlie Puth Release “Nothing But Trouble”

Thanks to Instagram the whole world is nothing as it seems in real life. A few tweaks here and there and you got yourself a brand new person-much hotter, hip, and cooler. Generally, some ladies get carried away with the fake glamour in these online communities. Lil Wayne and Charlie Puth have put some lyrics together that perfectly explain this.

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The song speaks about how Instagram (and other social networks alike) get into the heads of people and create this false sense of glitz and glamour, which in the end drives them away from real life.

When I met her she was out for love
Yeah, I bought her leather and some diamond studs
Damn, when I met her she was molly’d up
F*ck it, I said “Whatever” cause I’m not a judge

Lil Wayne comes up with the first verse saying how she was when he met her. She was pretty messed up. But he didn’t judge her.

Uh, she just wanted to be popular
Uh, she just wanted ten thousand followers
Oh. she posted, she posted, she posted
They like it, they like it read closer
She party promoting, she hosting
She posing, legs open, provoking
It got my head smoking
I tried to act like I don’t notice

Typical Lil Wayne-style rap speaks about how social media gets to their heads easily. Followers, likes, comments, and such create a sense of stardom. People do crazy stuff to get popular quickly. And the ladies do sexual things to attract more thirsty people. Hundred, thousand, ten thousand followers and it goes on and on.

“Nothing But Trouble” continues to tell about the ‘Instagram models’ and how out-of-reality they are. Pretty insightful song, wrapped in poor lyrics.

The song is from the 808 Soundtrack.

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