Calvin Harris Releases “How Deep Is Your Love” Music Video

Calvin Harris is dating Taylor Swift and it looks as if it had opened new venues for Calvin Harris’s music videos. I do not know if Taylor was involved in getting Gigi Hadid to be hottastic in the new music video, but we sure are glad things turned out that way.

Gigi Hadid is the main star in Calvin’s new music video for “How Deep Is Your Love” and you can expect nothing but hotness from a world class model. Gigi Hadid does her job perfectly-which is to look perfect.

Watch “How Deep Is Your Love” Music Video

Recovered from the hotness? Ok, let me give you a minute.

Once you come back, make sure to leave a comment about how beautiful Gigi Hadid is in this music video.

I don’t believe the music video makes much sense-even if it does, who really cares? The following screenshots make perfect sense.

gigi hadid in how deep is your love music video gigi hadid in how deep is your love music video


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