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Taylor Swift Will Perform “Wildest Dreams” at VMAs 2015

Well, we don’t know for sure. But we can take a wild guess at this. Taylor Swift announced that her next single from ‘1989’ album will be “Wildest Dreams.”


This announcement was unlike any other before. All of her singles before were teased and teased before it was actually released. But this time, Taylor plainly gave out the title of the next single. So good for us!

“Wildest Dreams” is one of the most awaited singles of the hit ‘1989’ album, mostly in the hopes of getting a crazy hot (and freaky) music video that goes by the theme of the song. “Style” music video was unexpectedly hot and we can only hope for ‘Wildest Dreams.”

Today it was confirmed that Taylor Swift will be performing at the MTV Video Music Awards 2015 and there is a high possibility that she will debut “Wildest Dreams” as a single during the show. The official single is proposed to be released on a latter day than the award ceremony and a VMAs performance could really boost the popularity for the single. Taylor is a smart business woman. I don’t see why she wouldn’t cash out on this opportunity.

Either way, no matter what she performs, it will be the highlight of the night at this years’ VMAs.

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So congrats to Taylor for this stage opportunity and all the best for the upcoming single.

You can purchase the “Wildest Dreams” track on iTunes and Amazon already and get ahead of the game!

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