taylor swift "Style" music video

Taylor Swift Releases “Style” Music Video- Paper Airplanes Everywhere?

Taylor Swift has just officially released the much anticipated “Style” music video. And it’s good. “Style” music video is different from all the previous visuals of Taylor we have seen. It’s emotional, despite the “Style” track being quite upbeat and chirpy. The music video is in tune with the meaning behind the song, and not the beat of the song. But you have to be crazy to be analyzing all of this when Taylor Swift is dressed in a white lace dress and almost makes out with that guy. Watch the music video below.

Taylor Swift Almost Makes Out with a Hot Guy in “Style” Music Video

How was the ride?

It’s emotional, hot, sensuous and soothing. ‘Style” music video features a lot of visual effects, and we would have preferred just Taylor Swift better. Oh well.

“Style” Music Video is a Definite Hint at Taylor’s Ex-BF Harry Styles

Well, it doesn’t get any clearer than this. As soon as we got to know about a track named “Style” in ‘1989’ album, everybody assumed it was about Taylor Swift’s ex-One Direction’s Harry Styles. Taylor was careful enough to not give out any names when asked about the song during interviews. But the music video sheds a very clear light as to what/who the music video is about.

taylor swift "Style" music video paper airplane necklace
There’s history behind this paper airplane necklace

Apparently, the paper airplane necklace Taylor is holding was a gift from Harry Styles, or so is the word on the streets. Taylor appears holding this paper airplane necklace three times in the video and all of them are split-second shots. Blink and you’ll miss it. So why did she go to such extreme lengths to show as well as barely show the necklace in the video? It was a definite hint at her ex-bf.

For the female Swifties who are desperately looking for the hot guy that appears on the “Style” music video, his name is Dominic Sherwood, and he has a condition called HETEROCHROMIA – meaning he has two different colored eyes. The 1st eye color is ice blue & the other is half blue & half brown.

Dominic Sherwood from "Style" music video
Dominic Sherwood from “Style” music video

With that we are going to leave you off to your own wonderland. Let us know what you think about the music video.

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