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Listen to Ed Sheeran’s Cover of “Say It” by Tory Lanez

Ed Sheeran never ceases to amaze us. Even when he is bust touring, he works on his music skills (not like there’s much to be worked on it). Apparently he has had some free time and decided to hit the recording studio and do a full-on cover or rather a re-make of Tory Lanez’s hit song “Say It.” And as you can imagine, it turned out pretty great. Ed Sheeran posted the cover on SoundCloud.

Pretty amazing isn’t it? Well, Tory Lanez did think so. Soon after Ed posted this online tagging Tory Lanez, the two artists had a conversation-well, mostly Tory Lanez losing his mind over this amazing cover.



It is so good to see artists working peacefully with each other. There’s none who dislikes Ed Sheeran-literally none!

It would be pretty amazing to have more covers from Ed Sheeran. He also did a cover of “Trap Queen” a couple of months ago, which was very highly commended by fans and critics alike.

Leave a comment if you think Ed Sheeran should do more covers.

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