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Ed Sheeran Covers “Trap Queen” Acoustically with The Roots

There’s pretty much nothing Ed Sheeran can’t turn into an acoustic cover. Before this crazy cover, he covered O.T Genesis’s “I’m In Love with The Coco“, and it was very impressive. Ed Sheeran and his acoustic guitar is the best thing happened to music in the past few years. And the glory continues with this newest cover of Fetty Wap’s hit sensation “Trap Queen”.

The original “Trap Queen” performed by Fetty Wap was a major sensation when it was released back in 2014. It climbed music charts and the music video has over 100 million views as of now.

Ed Sheeran got on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ this week and performed an acoustic cover of “Trap Queen” with the very impressive musical support from The Roots. Watch Ed Sheeran perform “Trap Queen” below.


The original “Trap Queen” is hip hop as possibly it could get, and the acoustic cover is a world apart. I don’t like to say which is better than which. I always respect the original artist. But Ed Sheeran’s cover was up to the par.

Leave a comment if you think Ed Sheeran’s cover of “Trap Queen” was amazing and want to see more unorthodox covers by Ed Sheeran.

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