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“The Hills” by The Weeknd Ft. Eminem Gets a Virtual Reality Music Video

Well, this is fresh. Got very excited seeing that a music video being released for “The Hills” remix by The Weeknd featuring Eminem. Two remixes of “The Hills” was released last week. The other remix was done in collab with Nicki Minaj. The music video released today is a brand new concept. It incorporates virtual reality into the video.

The bad news is that the music video is just 1 minute 50 seconds long, whereas the original remix is 5 minutes and 16 seconds long. So most of the track has been excluded from the music video. Luckily, Eminem’s startup verses are what has been captured in the video.

“The Hills” remix music video features a trippy imagery where The Weeknd is seen walking in a street-most likely holding a face-cam. There is a small directional button at the top left corner of the video screen. Click on the four arrows and experience the magic. You can actually see the surrounding of the music video. You can view what’s going on surrounding of the music video by panning the camera to any angle you want-whilst the video is playing. This is pretty amazing. This is virtual reality. I bet it cost a LOT to get this music video in virtual reality-hence the video being only a quarter of the length of the original remix.

Watch Virtual Reality in “The Hills” Remix Featuring Eminem

What do you think? Could this be the new trend in music videos? Let’s hope it catches on, because why not!

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