50 cent no romeo no juliet music video ft chris brown

50 Cent Premiers “No Romeo No Juliet” Music Video with Chris Brown

When “No Romeo No Juliet” single was released a few weeks ago, we predicted that it would be huge for 50 Cent. He was in need of a come back single and this was it. Chris Brown’s vocals in the single made it that much sexier. We even went on to review the lyrics of the song.

50 Cent goes back to the club in “No Romeo No Juliet” music video. It’s more of a strip club with some gorgeous women and of course strippers. The video does justice to the lyrics. We get what we were expecting out of the song and we look at a classic 50 Cent.

Watch the music video at your own risk. It’s pretty NSFW.

Watch “No Romeo No Juliet” Music Video

The energy of 50 Cent and Chris Brown in the music video is quite over the top. 50 Cent delivers his lines with the usual hardcore nature and Chris Brown is in his natural hype state.

Besides the artist-duo, there are a dozen of gorgeous women dancing and grinding against the strip pole to the music. Chris Brown is not to be seen at the club, which is a shame.

Some gorgeous women from
Some gorgeous women from “No Rome No Juliet” music video

Anyway, we love the music video, as it simply delivers what we were promised in the song. And we get a look at classic 50 Cent. May he have his come back with this single.

50 Cent Teases “Tryna Fuck Me Over” Music Video

An even better part of the music video is the last 30 seconds or so where 50 Cent gives a sneak peak of what’s to come. Collaborating with Post Malone, the next music video to be released is “Tryna Fuck Me Over.”

The music is simple and upbeat. And it’s going to be good.

50 Cent previews
50 Cent previews “Tryna Fuck Me Over” music video

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