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50 Cent & Chris Brown Team Up for “No Romeo No Juliet” Single (Review)

50 Cent and Chris Brown join their vocals and musical prowess after “I’m The Man” track released a few months back. This time “No Romeo No Juliet” collaboration is a sure shot candidate for the music top charts. The official audio was released today and is not yet available for digital downloads, and it doesn’t look like it belongs to any album, yet.

Cover art for "No Romeo No Juliet" track by 50 Cent featuring Chris Brown
Cover art for “No Romeo No Juliet” track by 50 Cent featuring Chris Brown

Listen to “No Romeo No Juliet” Track Below

When you hear the first few keys and the first verse, you already know this is going to be a chart topper. 50 Cent may probably need a strong come back track than Chris Brown, and this track is a good kick off point.

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Lyrics Review of “No Romeo No Juliet” by 50 Cent

50 Cent starts off strong with the hook;

Ayo, quit captain savin’, serenadin’ them hoes
She no Juliet for no Romeo and no dough
She report the pimpin’, now back to trickin’
She report the pimpin’, nigga back to trickin’

“Captain saving a hoe” is slang for spending lavishly for a gold-digger type of woman. Serenading means showing off or paying tribute. So the first line of the hook is pretty self-explanatory. 50 Cent says that woman is not a Juliet for any Romeo out there-she is merely a prostitute.

Verse 1 is delivered by 50 Cent;

Ayo, get back to twerkin’, back to workin’
Get back to strippin’, they back to tippin’
Them stacks is fallin’, they back to ballin’
Them bottles poppin’, bitch them hoes callin’ us

50 Cent puts his women back to work-twerking in the clubs most likely. And stripping too, to collect the tips from the hungry men.

The stacks of money keep going down and the customers are back at it spending. The champagne bottles are opening and they all having a good time in the club.

Quit fuckin’ ’round, not playin’ around bitch, shit is for real
Quick makin’ a stack, back makin’ some mill
I mean, get us a deal
Bitch fix us a meal, tell me how does it feel
On the social network when they said nigga really ain’t got no chill

The Pimp has to get his crew in order. There’s no time to play around. Earn some money quick and turn it into a million. “Get us a deal” could be referring to the tough times 50 did mot have a record label. In so many ways this song references to the beginning of the career of him.

“Meal” here could refer to something beyond food. This can be supported by the next line when the singer asks the woman how does it feel…

50 Cent and Chris Brown jump in on the bridge;

He think he fuckin’ my bitch, nigga that bitch for rent
He know how to treat a hoe, I mean all that money spent
She says you a sweetheart, a sweetheart
Things tend to go a little different round here, we pimpin’ nigga

The customers be thinking they have the love of the girls, but they conveniently deny the fact that these women are for rent. Again, a captain saving guy comes in on the picture-spending money on a gold-digger. The prostitutes call him a sweetheart for obvious reasons-the money spending. 50 says things are not as sugar coated as it seems around here, cuz’ they are pimping.

Chris Brown steps in to “No Romeo No Juliet” track alone here:

PIMP, who the [?]
I’m the girl, them shiver, watch them follow him
Had the homies come through, 400, that’s the block
Take yo shit, we going up on the Instagram
Higher than the ceiling fan, I’m whippin’ bricks in the kitchen
I’m flying shit out the window like I was Peter Pan
I handle my own shit, I own shit
I loan shit, middle finger to the middle man

Chris Brown delivers some paced lyrics here, saying about the Pimpin life and getting famous on social media-which is a big deal today. Also he mentions about the ‘400 block’ gang, saying he has homies in it. ‘Bricks’ mean a kilogram of some drug. And he does his business on about it too. There’s no middle man, so he handles his own dough.

Anybody that can get it when they want it
Finger fuck your bitch, she gon tell me when she cumin
50 in this bitch and I ain’t asking him for nothin’
That’s my OG, if a nigga trippin’, get to bustin’
Mo money mean mo problems
If your nigga got the money, we gon rob him
Boy I’m simply, a P.I.M.P., and I’ma let it go till the clip go empty

The lyrics get too explicit in this rap verse in “No Romeo No Juliet”. Chris Brown also appreciates 50 Cent for making him a part of this track-he couldn’t have asked for more.

‘More money means more problems’-true dat!

It’s interesting how lyrics say “P.I.M.P.” making another reference to 50 Cent’s breakout sensation titled the same.

50 Cent as a pimp in "P.I.M.P." track from his debut album 'Get Rich or Die Tryin'
50 Cent as a pimp in “P.I.M.P.” track from his debut album ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’

50 Cent returns for a solo verse number three in “No Romeo No Juliet” collab;

I’m getting big money, started going hard keep a nigga from hatin’
Remove the white bitch, nigga Google this shit we interracial dating

50 Cent has been a very successful artist. He had his downtime, and now he is entering back into the ‘big money’ life through his classical music style. The social stereotypes shout at a black man dating a white woman, but the latest (Google) trend is dating across races.

This is new wave, I’m a new Wraith, my nigga sit on sway
Like I’m Special Ed, but I ain’t Special Ed, bitch I got it made
We been making paper, hope you niggas on the same page

50 Cent is entering into a new era. He is a new wraith-a soul sucking undead creature. Is he in need of special attention? No, it’s his nature. He made it work for him. And it had made him to be a millionaire. He hopes his haters realize that.

You know my bottom bitch, I done told I’d break a nigga 12 ways
A few tricks a day, that there keep the bill collectors away

“Bottom bitch” is a reference to the leader of the prostitutes or strippers. She usually gets the most favors from the Pimp. Men are so greedy and lustful, they can be torn apart. Even the government can be put in the Pimp’s pocket for a ‘few tricks’ a day.

You hear my name on the street, circulating, you heard I’m cakin’
These niggas try to compete, perpetratin’, what’s percolating
I got thing for days, ask around, they tell you I put it down
So a hoe feel like I’m right next to her when a nigga way up town

Caking is baking some coke. Drugs and prostitution seems to be the way of life in “No Romeo No Juliet”. ‘Things’ could refer to drugs here. If so, 50 Cent says he is off the drugs now.

The bridge and an extended hook repeats at the end of “No Romeo No Juliet” to that awesome tunes it has, before the music ceases away.

“No Romeo No Juliet” is truly a catchy, upbeat and musically upholding track done by 50 Cent. The track could appear on his upcoming ‘Kanan Reloaded’ album. Even if it doesn’t, we are glad we got to hear it now.

In a lot of ways “No Romeo No Juliet” resonates back to the music from the very early stages of 50 Cent’s career. The different tunes and melodies, the intense lyrics and the vocals take us through the memory lane to a few decades back.

We would love to hear your opinion on “No Romeo No Juliet” collaboration by 50 Cent and Chris Brown. Leave your thoughts in comments below.

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