desiigner caliber music video review

Desiigner Releases “Caliber” Music Video (Review)

Desiigner hit the music jackpot with his last release “Panda” and he has been doing nothing but enjoy the wildfire of a success that single brought him around the world. “Panda” hit the top of Billboard Hot 100 and is still on #04 after 19 weeks of release.

Desiigner looks to continue the breakthrough success with his new mixtape release ‘New English’. Currently, the mixtape is only available on TIDAL. The second track on the album is titled “Caliber” and we have the music video for it.

Watch “Caliber” music video below

We can see Desiigner getting his tattoos done and hitting the studio working on his music-probably the ‘New English’ mixtape.

I make a lot of new different money
All my killas pull up and they gettin’ blunted
Finna drink up the mud, now I’m gettin’ mudded
Caliber, caliber, caliber
Caliber, caliber, hit somebody
Silencer, silencer, ring somebody
Outy boy, outy boy in an Audi

Desiigner’s own style which was seen in “Panda” can also seen and heard in this new track.

We are looking forward to listening to ‘New English’ mixtape and really decide if Desiigner has what it takes to make it in the music business. Let us know your thoughts on that regard.

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