major lazer ft sia head up high gonna fight

Major Lazer ft. Sia Release “Head Up High” (Review)

New music by Major Lazer is starting to drop. “Cold Water” was a single from Major Lazer’s upcoming album and featured Justin Bieber. This new track is titled “Head Up High (Gonna Fight)”. The new track is from Major Lazer’s upcoming 2016 album ‘Music Is The Weapon’.

Cover art for
Cover art for “Head Up High”

Listen to “Head Up High” by Major Lazer Featuring Sia

Gonna fight, gonna fight, gonna make it through the night
When the walls cave in feel the cold inside
When tomorrow come you know the sun gon’ shine
And it’s hard but I gotta hold my head up high
Know it’s hard, but I gotta hold my head up high, oh
And it’s hard, but I gotta hold my head up high, oh

Sia has the perfect voice and vocals to empower lyrics and Major Lazer may have hit the jackpot in giving the vocals of “Head Up High” to Sia. It’s a motivating song-a fighting song and Sia’s voice does justice to the lyrics.

The song has less lyrics than you would expect of an ordinary song, but Major Lazer doesn’t produce ordinary music. A significant proportion of the song is devoted to emphasizing the music production skills of Major Lazer as well. We are ok with it, because the music seems to agree with the hard hitting lyrics.

‘Music Is The Weapon’ album is set to drop out later in 2016, and we have several singles out already. It’s not clear if “Head Up High” is a single off of the album, or it merely leaked out. But whichever the case, it’s going to be a good album with a lot of crazy tunes and a lot of featured artists.

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