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“Tiimmy Turner” by Desiigner (Lyrics Review)

“Tiimmy Turner” has been officially released by Desiigner after previewing it at 2016 XXL Freshman Freestyle, and we can agree that Desiigner may be looking at a good follow up single to his international sensation “Panda“. Desiigner also released “Moon People” in between, but it did not catch on.

Surprisingly enough, “Tiimmy Turner” could be about Desiigner himself because notice the two “ii”s in the song title just as in Desiigner’s name. He certainly has written the lyrics to the song.

“Tiimmy Turner” single artwork

Listen to “Tiimmy Turner” by Desiigner

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Tiimmy Turner”

Introduction to the song is classic Desiigner style that resembles “Panda”.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Git, git, git, git
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Git, git, git, git
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Git, git, git, git
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Little Timmy Turner
Git, git, git, git

First off, Timmy Turner is a cartoon character of a 10-year-old boy from the cartoon ‘The Fairly OddParents‘.

Timmy Turner (TT) from the cartoon series 'The Fairly OddParents' tiimmy turner
Timmy Turner (TT) from the cartoon series ‘The Fairly OddParents’

As explained by Desiigner, and as we guessed before, Desiigner says Timmy Turner in the song is about himself. So keeping that in mind, we will go to the lyrics review of the song.

The hook of “Tiimmy Turner” unfolds as follows;

Timmy, Timmy, Timmy Turner
He been wishin’ for a burner
To kill everybody walkin’

As harsh as the lyrics seem, Desiigner simply intends to ‘burn’ down his competition. ‘Burner’ has been used with good intentions of preserving the rhyming scale of the song.

He know that his soul in the furnace
Fine b*tch on BET
Hottie wilin’, she fuckin’ on BET, wildin’ for wallet

Timmy Turner knows that he is not-so-good on the inside. “Furnace” is a reference to hell, and Desiigner intends poor ‘Timmy Turner’s soul is with the devil. How bad is the situation? As bad as willing to have sex on Black Entertainment Television (BET) for cash.

The same lines repeat once more to complete the hook.

The first verse of “Tiimmy Turner” can be interpreted as follows;

Timmy, Timmy, Timmy Turner
Young boy walkin’, wishin’ for a burner

The first verse starts off with a part of the hook to show continuity.

Four, five, six, ten ratchets on ’em
Ten n*ggas with them chains clappin’ on ’em

Desiigner has a crew of 10 African Americans and his crew is always equipped with four, five, six or ten guns with them for protection from the rivalry in the music business. Desiigner is relatively new to the music business and it’s hard to imagine him having foes, but who knows of their past. He and his crew are dressed in expensive accessories like chains and whatnot.

Desiigner with his chains and bling tiimmy turner
Desiigner with his chains and bling

Dead n*ggas with ’em, dead nggas, get ’em
Four-five’s with ’em, four-five’s hit ’em
You talk money, young n*ggas with ’em
Young n*ggas get ’em, ballooning, ballooning, ballooning

‘Dead n*ggas’ is slang for money. Four-five is a reference to .45 caliber guns which Desiigner says he and his crew uses. And they are popping pills and heads like balloons exploding.

Listen to this cover of “Tiimmy Turner”

I fell in love with the Ruger
I been in love with my jewelery

‘Timmy Turner’ suddenly becomes “I” in these lines. Desiigner says he is in love with Ruger-a firearms manufacturer. Is he openly warning his rivalry to stay out of his path?

Desiigner loves his jewelry. You can always see him with some chain or bracelet or exclusive watch on him.

I been in love with the mula
Banana clips going through ya
I buy them all, I buy them all, I buy them all

‘Mula’ is slag for money and there’s no denying that he is in love with money. After “Panda’s” breakthrough, he must be getting plenty of mula flowing his way and “Tiimmy Turner” is another sure shot of fame and fortune too.

Banana clips is an extended magazine you can attach to an assault rifle for continuous shooting. Desiigner wishes to eliminate his rivalry in one stretch, without having to reload. He implies that he will continue to be a hit in music. He wishes to buy all of them guns, ammo, bling and wardrobe.

Verse 2 of “Tiimmy Turner” goes something like this:

Timmy (Git, git, git) Timmy Turner (Git, git, git)
Gettin’ lit like a burner

Slightly changed from the hook, Desiigner now says Timmy Turner gets high like a burner getting lit.

Young n*gga movin’, he chemical farmer
You gettin’ hit n*gga, live with the honor

A chemical farmer would obviously mean a drug producer, most likely a meth cooker. He has to move places to not get busted by the cops. I assume, ‘hit’ here means getting shot, and in that context, the singer asks us to live with honor because death is always lurking around.

Chopper moving, n*gga both wanna
You get hit down at Four Summers

‘Chopper’s is slang for Ak-47 assault rifles and is ‘Four Summers’ a reference to Four Seasons hotel chain? If so, is he expecting to get gunned down at a hotel? You tell us.

I got n*ggas from the debt to winnin’
Chopper poof, n*gga poor to winnin’

Desiigner’s newfound fortune has enabled him to bring up the lives of his crew as well-from being in debt to being winners. ‘Chopper poof’ is referencing a gun going off. You shoot down another fellow and you get paid for it.

tiimmy turner desiigner
A gun going off ‘poof’

You be choked out, go on and get it
Hit a n*gga, ’bout to roll the semi
‘Bout to blow again

Desiigner speaks about semi-automatic firearms which can fire at rapid speeds at a stretch. That’s what is going to hit his rivalry. He hit once with “Panda” and he is about to hit again with “Tiimmy Turner” and more to come.

Feelings all about Xan
Pockets all about women
All of them winnin’

Xanax is a drug taken for anxiety, as an anti-depressant and to help sleep. New found fame and fortune has got Desiigner having the need for Xanax because of all the diseases (mentioned above) he is feeling.

Desiigner says his women are all about his money. He may be finding more women attracted to him now that he is a major breakthrough artist. And he is having enough issues (pockets/holes) associating these women.

But either way, all of the above things has come to him because of his ‘winning’ of the music industry.

The hook repeats once more and descends into an under toned prayer-like rhyme at the end of “Tiimmy Turner” track. Hence our review of the song ends now.

Your two cents…

We believe “Tiimmy Turner” could be another big hit for Desiigner. We are now seeing a clear style of music unique to Desiigner in the last three tracks he has released. It’s good to see that he is doing his own thing without imitating other mainstream artists.

What are your thoughts on “Tiimmy Turner”? Will it be the next big thing after “Panda”? Or is it a miss? Let us know in the comments below.

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