hopsin false advertisement music video lyrics review

Hopsin Hits Hard at Social Media in “False Advertisement” Music Video (Review)

Explicit lyrics ahead…

Hopsin usually speaks out his mind through his songs and that’s one reason we love his work. And when he does speak out his mind, it could get really ugly really soon-not because he has invalid points, but because we are all in the cycle he lashes at. Hopsin’s “Fly” was insightful and hurtful to those who have not opened their eyes yet. The same rule applies to “False Advertisement” only this time he lashes out harder at the attention craving men and women on social media. Hopsin, it’s about time someone spoke out.

Watch “False Advertisement” Music Video

Please tell me what the fuck is wrong with these bitches
I’mma tell you right now you ain’t worth shit
All you do is sit at home takin’ selfies
And post them like it was your work shift
Your ‘gram is full of all these evil memes
To niggas lie you don’t deserve it
That’s why niggas ain’t fuckin’ with you
Cause we see that you don’t have a purpose
It’s clear you don’t leave the house

“False Advertisement” lyrics need no breakdown, as they are quite simple and straightforward. He rants about teenage (not exclusively) women sitting around the house, doing nothing at all, taking provocative selfies and posting them on social media to get attention, and make a living out of digging gold.

The music video shows how easily these women are manipulated into worse things in life. What seemed like an innocent photoshoot turns out to be a raunchy sex video shoot.

Y’all like “I want to be treated like I’m a queen”
Bitch better act like one

How are men supposed to treat them like princesses and queens when they post half naked selfies for the whole world to see? Accept their flaws? They are not flaws-they are acts of foolishness.

“False Advertisement” talks about what’s wrong with the society…

A real man carry a lot of shit on his shoulder
We need a real woman who can hold that weight
Let me guess you a real woman, right?
Nope don’t want to hear that

A real man is someone who carries the weight of his family on his shoulders. It’s a lot of pressure to carry on. So he needs a real woman to share that burden-not someone who can make his life more miserable by having to constantly wonder if she is sleeping with other people.

The hook of “False Advertisement” sums it all up

Bitch I can see what you tryna do
You got niggas outside in a line for you
For that pussy they’ll spend it all for you
They got so much they can offer you
And you lovin’ it, you strategizing
False advertisement, god damn you lovin’ it
But I ain’t cho mans
Hoe, shut the fuck up!

These social media freaks only need one thing-attention! They love it. They want it continuously and unconditionally. That’s why they have (not real) men lined up for her. And she loves it. She uses them and spits out. It’s all about advertising yourself on social media and social media is full of false advertisements.

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