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New HOT Collab “I’m Back” by J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar & Eminem (Lyrics Review)

Much is shrouded in mystery about this hot new track that surfaced on the Internet today. The dream-like remix popped up on the Internet and has taken the Hip Hop fans by shock. There was no gossip about such a collaboration prior to this day and this remix is not even officially released yet. So listen to this fiery new collaboration before it gets taken down.

“I’m Back” by J. Cole featuring Kendrick Lamar and Eminem


The single artwork suggests that “I’m Back” is a track by J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar and on it features Marshall Mathers. This is kinda THE Hip Hop/Rap collaboration of our generation.

J. Cole starts off the song;

Who dat
Who dat
The n*gga you’ve been waiting for
I mean the sh*t was all bad a week ago
Rappers just bullsh*tting, f*ck I ain’t hatin’ no
Cuz now I got a n*gga high enough to f*ck with one of Satan’s ho*s
Cuz you can’t tell the difference…

He just keeps on spitting some hot damn lyrics to a classic hip hop beat. The flow is quite amazing and J. Cole owns his bits of the verse and the chorus.

Chorus of “I’m Back” by J. Cole

I got my finger on the trigger tell n*ggah hold that
Boy I’m picture perfect baby you can check the Kodak
Hey I’m young Black living my life on the run
Bet your bottom dollar f*cked up

Soon after the chorus runs off, Eminem’s voice emerges out of the music and he takes the baton forward.

This is my ideas, this is my sweat and tears
This is sh*t that I saw with my balls, my ears
This is me who’s gotta beat, what you see on TV
What you hear on CD, wanna be as EZ…

Eminem continues to deliver some kickass lines that are in perfect sync with the beat he has been delivering. Eminem’s verses last for a continuous 1 minute until J. Cole jumps in with the chorus and then come Kendrick Lamar on “I’m Back.”

I won this money with my d*ck on hard
Din’ know why I tell I say ‘f*ck all yall’
Or ‘f*ck this world’ or ‘I’ma f*ck that girl’…

I will complete the lyrics once more perfect and complete lyrics are available. Until such time we have to depend on ourselves. If you have a better understanding of the lyrics or a good annotation to the lyrics available please do comment below and we will update the article as much as possible.

We think “I’m Back” is a great work of music by three of the biggest artists in the industry and we can’t wait to hear more official news on the release of this track. Hope this track comes in an album so that we can properly enjoy it on our music players.

If we happen to stroll upon more information on this track we will keep you updated on this page and you can contribute too.

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