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Taylor Swift is Recording Her Next Album: Confirms Gigi Hadid

It almost feels like if Taylor Swift released her multi-platinum selling album ‘1989’ just months ago. The fifth album of Taylor has resonated with us so much that it is hard to even imagine an album that will trump it. But she has to try, right? She has to push herself to extremes to make a better album than ‘1989’ and we believe she can do it.

Taylor Swift Attends Gigi Hadid’s Tommy Hilfiger Runway in NFW

Despite the turmoils (or not) in Taylor Swift’s personal life, she made time to attend the New York Fashion Week, where her BFF and super model Gigi Hadid walked the runway for Tommy Hilfiger. Watch Gigi Hadid and other models walk the runway in the video below.


Taylor Swift even got to meet Tommy Hilfiger himself, and got a peck on the cheek
Taylor Swift even got to meet Tommy Hilfiger himself, and got a peck on the cheek

Naturally, Gigi Hadid was very appreciative that Taylor Swift attended this kinda big deal event for Gigi. So she spoke to the news in the sweetest way about Taylor after the fashion show.

Gigi Hadid Says Taylor Swift is Visiting Recording Studios

This is what Gigi Hadid had to say about Taylor Swift;

“She’s obviously such a great friend, and you know she is starting to go back to work in the studio again, and really made time to be here for me, and I am so grateful for that.”

By the looks of it, Taylor Swift is indeed making regular visits to recording studios and it could mean a few things actually. Taylor could be recording for some movie soundtrack that we don’t know of yet. She could be collaborating with some other artist. And then there’s our favorite speculation, that she is indeed preparing for her next studio album. Whichever the case maybe, it is certain that we will be getting some new Taylor Swift music soon.

If Taylor Swift is in fact working on her next album, we will see some recurring paparazzi pictures of her visiting recording studios. This happened prior to the release of ‘1989’ album as well. So lets keep an eye on her whereabouts.

What to Expect from Taylor Swift’s Sixth Studio Album?

We have had some pretty great albums from Taylor Swift so far. Her first album ‘Taylor Swift’ (2006) was all about telling the world about herself and really putting her name out there. Then came ‘Fearless’ in 2008 and that album really took off, giving the credit she really deserves. By then she was establishing herself as a Country artist. ‘Speak Now’ (2010) and ‘Red’ (2012) were both very emotional albums reflecting on the heartbreaks she has had over her personal life. But then she shook it all off with ‘1989’ (2014) marking a new era for Swifties. She went full Pop in her last album.

So Taylor Swift has already conquered two genres. Would she move on to another? Unlikely. Country and Pop suites her well and it is hard to imagine any other genre with her voice and act. But you never know, she is all about surprises.

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Taylor Swift’s sixth studio album will be one of mixed emotions, I assume. But you can vote for your choice in the poll above. Why do I say it’s going to be mixed? Well, looking at the timeline that was given for her to compose the lyrics to her next album, she has had some major events occurring in her personal life, and as she draws inspiration from her life, I would say the next album will be one with ups and downs.

Taylor Swift Starts Darting DJ Calvin Harris

Taylor Swift dated Calvin Harris for a year before they broke up and she jumped on to a short lived relationship with Tom Hiddleston. She has had the media stalk her from the second she took a step out of her apartment in NY, until she returned. She was completing the ‘1989’ World Tour and she was boding with her girl squad. Basically, she has had a busy life for the past two years, which may have resulted her to broaden her horizons when composing new music for her upcoming album.

Taylor Swift Sings “This is What You Came For”

After Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris split, it was come to known that Taylor Swift co-wrote Calvin Harris’s global hit “This Is What You Came For” featuring Rihanna. So there might have been pretty heated arguments over the instant success of the song.

However, Taylor Swift was seen blasting the song at the NYFW where Gigi Hadid walked the runway.


She was in all smiles and intoxicated in the music. Of course, it was her lyrics too. Also it is said that Calvin Harris (no longer following Taylor Swift on Instagram) liked this video too. So there’s not much bad blood between the former couple.

Anyway, we will keep an eye on if the rumors of Taylor Swift hitting the studio to record her next album is true. Since the cat if almost out of the bag, Taylor herself might drop some hints, which is quite unlikely considering how she likes to surprise her fans.

What do you think? Is Taylor really preparing to record her next studio album? Or is this just hype?

If she really is making her next studio album, it will drop somewhere around end of 2017. She is already late to put out a new album by her contract requirements. But she has said that she will only release an album once she is fully confident that she can do better than her previous work. So we would rather have a better album than a quick album.

Who’s excited?

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