the weeknd false alarm music video review

Watch the Brutal “False Alarm” Video by The Weeknd

“False Alarm” was released by The Weeknd as the second promotional single off of his upcoming album ‘Starboy’ and at first we did not care much of it. “Starboy” the first single was on a whole other level. It simply ushered a new era of The Weeknd and we thought “False Alarm” was dialing down from it. But today we have been gifted with the music video and it is savage. “Brutal” is a very appropriate word to associate with The Weeknd’s new video and these are significant changes from the artist we knew from ‘The Hills.’

Fair enough, the video begins with a parental warning about the graphic and explicit contents of the video, and we know sh*t hits the fan when the video starts off with an armed robbery. The video has been directed by Ilya Naishuller and produced by Clarissa Troop.

Watch “False Alarm” Music Video by The Weeknd

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The Weeknd does not hesitate with the explicit themes in the ‘Starboy’ era.

Bathroom stalls for the powder nose (she loves)
High heel shoes with the open toes (she loves)
She’s got a good time wrapped in gold (she loves)
For you, for you
All red dress with the devil eyes (she loves)
So obsessed with the camera lights (she loves)
You love her, but you can’t deny (she loves)
The truth, the truth

He brings in yet another reference of cocaine into one of his songs and he gets away with it because he is telling a real life story. The Weeknd hits again at the materialism that has made us blind in this modern age. The drugs-the sex-the fancy accessories-the flashing lights have blinded us-even us, to a certain degree. We may be in denial, but The Weeknd sees it through.

We are loving the new Weeknd that has come up from a dungeon that we never knew existed. He is hitting hard and he is mean-and we love him that much more.

Comment your favorite lyrics or scene from the “False Alarm” music video.

Update: 16/10/2016

In a little over 48 hours, the “False Alarm” music video has accumulated over 9 million view on YouTube alone. I do not know if this is a record, but that’s a very rapid pace. Maybe the cinematic theme of the video earned the staggering number of views, maybe it’s the song, whichever the case is, it’s very good for The Weeknd.

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